Obama Energy Policy Gives Drivers Gas….The Useless Kind


2 thoughts on “Obama Energy Policy Gives Drivers Gas….The Useless Kind

  1. drugsandotherthings March 30, 2012 / 10:35 AM

    Hmmm- so gas has “nearly doubled” under Obama. True in the stritest sense- if you want to play games with numbers.

    So lets look at some real numbers. The doubling is based on gas prices during Bush’s last 3 months in office- when a US and neraly global economic collapse brought oil prices tumbling.

    But wait. lets look at some other numbers. When George W Bush took office in Jan 2001- gas prices were $1.52. By may of 2004 we cracked the $2 mark. By july of 2006 we had cracked the $3.00 mark. By july of 2008 towards the end of Bushs reign we were at a whopping $4.14 – almost a tripling of gas prices in 8 years. And where are we at today? $3.80. In fact- in 39 months under Obama we have only seen gas prices above $3 for 16 of those months- for well over half of his presidency gas prices were well under $3.

    And now- should we look at what Chu actually said (when he was at Berkely- before he was in the government)? He said that TAXES on gasoline should be eventually raised to be in line with the rest of the world. Where the societal costs of fuel use are paid at the pump- rather then being made up in general taxes- being taken out of our paychecks or paid in full on april 15. And as a side effect- this would lead to a push for better fuel economy and a change of wasteful habits.

    Would it not be better to pay the cost of things up front- and if they are too high change our habits, or demand better efficiency- then it is to pay an artificially low price- a price that encourages us to use more- while having the rest of the cost taken from us in other taxes?

    • Talon's Point March 30, 2012 / 11:23 AM

      You might be surprised that I agree with you on the Bush numbers. On the rest your socialist slip is showing 😉

      Your last paragraph is a hoot. Government gets about 7 times as much in revenues from oil than the oil companies that provide it. Under your contention the roads will be better if there is less oil on the market raising prices and sending more money to OPEC. Got it lol

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