Worthy read but I’m sorry I’m sorry, our Constitution and associated documents guarantee us nothing. They were foundational documents built on the principles of government inspired by the God we have rejected. The only hope we have is contrition at the alter of a holy God.


Isn’t it ironic that Obama spoke of Pearl Harbor as ashes America rose from and the location of the destruction to arise from was in Hawaii.  On that fateful day, no one saw the storm coming until it was too late to do anything about it.  As Obama vacations in that very state, this nation faces yet another storm that if not averted will also cause an ash-heap of destruction; only this destruction will be financial. Another major difference is we all, including vacationing Obama, see this storm coming and we know it’s big and we know it carries with it a destruction that will bring heaps of ash and debris we will be challenged with all of our resources and abilities, as well as our strength of character, courage and resolve to arise from.


One tweeter responded to Obama’s post about rising from Pearl Harbor’s ashes asking about what…

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Libs won’t get this


No end is in sight as the United Nations directs the U.S. to
negotiate a peaceful settlement.

Hamas missiles1Following years of demands by la Raza that the United States relinquish all occupied territories to Mexico, missiles began falling on El Paso, Texas and neighboring areas north of the border between Texas and Mexico during the early morning hours of December 6th. Under the previous administration, the United States had imperiously ignored all such demands and no significant progress toward returning the territories to Mexico had been made even under the current administration. Due to the persistent failure of the imperialist United States to agree to a peaceful negotiated settlement, Amigos de la Raza in Juarez, Mexico understandably found it necessary to take appropriate action. No spokesperson for Amigos was authorized to speak to the press. However, informal off the record remarks made it clear that El Paso had been selected because…

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