Talon’s Point of the Day: Aug 19th, 2014

God is not an indulgent grandfather, some 365 day Santa Claus waiting to bestow toys and pleasures on us. He’s our wise Father who loves us enough to demand growth and discipline in preparation for our eternal future. Our sufferings have not caught Him by surprise. If they are not the direct consequence of our spiritually youthful foolishness then He has specifically purposed them for our development and intently guided us to them for our good.

From Savages To God Followers

Inspired by “Through The Gates Of Splendor” The Incredible true story of 5 missionaries who gave their lives to carry to message of God’s love to the Equadoran native tribe called the Auca’s, or as the surrounding tribes referred to them as “The Savages” for their brutally violent culture, singer and musician Steven Curtis Chapman brings the story to the concert stage.

Grab your tissues as you watch the unimaginable unfolding grace and plan of God to carry his love to a people who had never even heard of Him.