All the Little Things That Define Marriage – Part Two

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Back in the day, I was a budding writer. I was part of the inaugural group of the “Colorado Voices” in the Denver Post.

In August of 2001, on our anniversary as a matter of fact, my piece was published.

I’d meant it as a tribute to my husband, and it means even more to me today.

So, if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to share it with you now with an update.

All the Little Things That Define Marriage

A pat on the backside. A quick hug in the hallway.

The Morse codes of romance that you learn after you’ve survived the ritual mating dance.

Once you’ve spent the requisite time waiting for the other shoe to drop and then figuring out that it’s never going to, you settle into a comfort zone with your mate. Sure, the initial wild excitement and the giddy romance are nice, but they…

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Talon’s Point of the Day -March 10th, 2016 Water or Marshmallows?

God set up boundaries of conduct for our own benefit. We disregard these boundaries, for which his benefits are contingent, to our own peril. This is true as an individual, a group, even a nation.

As a nation, let alone the world as a whole, we have dispelled with God’s boundaries and there is collective peril just outside our doorstep, all the while our house is burning. The only question that remains is “Who will you and I throw our lot in with when the voices call for burning sacrifices in the fires of our own destruction?” Will we offer the ever unwanted living water, or reach for the marshmallows?

Talon’s Point of the Day is meant to be concise yet thought provoking. If you are impacted feel free to share the point with others, with or without citation.

Auschwitz Again? (Part III)

Excellent Blog post on the depravity of Eugenics

The Praetorian Writers' Group

In this post here, and this one here, we directed a light at the revolting Eugenics movement in the United States of the early and mid-twentieth century.

In those posts, we pointed out that only the discoveries of the Nazi concentration camps stirred the Western World’s moral sensibilities enough to turn on the Eugenics movement, and to reject it for the depraved monstrosity it was.

Then, we pointed out that the Eugenics movement had not actually died, but lived on in the abortion mills, and in the racist and genocidal thinking of the Race Grievance Industry and elsewhere. It thrives also in Europe today, where “post-birth abortion” is an idea growing in popularity.

One other vital component, though, was present in the Eugenics movement: a belief that man is the highest moral authority there is. Eugenicists were overwhelmingly atheists. They needed to expunge any belief in a higher power…

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