Black History

View WallBuilders Black History Page Here: Black History


Black History Issue 2006 (PDF version)
“The Civil War: Honoring Courageous Soldiers”

Black History Issue 2005 (PDF version)
“Honoring Godly Heroes”

Black History Issue 2004 (PDF version)
“Black Patriots of the American Revolution”

Black History Issue 2003 (PDF version)
“A History of Black Voting Rights”

Black History Issue 2002 (PDF version)
“2002 Black History Issue”

Black History Issue 2001
“African-Americans & Election 2000”

Black History Issue 1998
“Black History Month: Honoring Godly Heroes”




The Founding Fathers and Slavery

Democrats & Republicans In Their Own Words (Civil Rights)

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson & Slavery in Virginia

Democrat and Republican Platforms (Moral Issues)

The Bible, Slavery, and America’s Founders

Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings: The Search for Truth

Confronting Civil War Revisionism: Why The South Went To War




Setting the Record Straight (DVD)

Setting the Record Straight (Paperback)

First Blacks in Congress (Poster)

Black Legislators Print (Matted)

George Washington Carver (Poster)

First Blacks in Congress (Mouse Pad)

[Justice At The Gate offers a Black History presentation with David Barton; use this link to order a video of the presentation.]



Neglected Voices
(Biographies and Speeches of the first African American Congressmen)

Harper’s Weekly

African American Perspectives

Freedmen’s Bureau Online

Unfounded Loyalty: An In-Depth Look Into The Love Affair Between Blacks and Democrats

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