Sometimes “I Told You So” provides no satisfaction: Mitt Romney proves he’s NOT pro-life.

Back in 2012 when Mr. Romney was trying to convince Conservatives of his claimed “conservative” creds, he successfully convinced Ann Coulter of said “credentials”. Well, maybe he didn’t quite convince her as she quoted herself as saying ““You owe me and you better be as right-wing a president as I’m telling everybody you’re going to be.”, not exactly a shout of confidence, but enough to get Ann to trade her creds for a bowl of cold soup. I write about her sad endorsement of a sad excuse for a Presidential candidate here: “A Dear Ann Letter”. Of course every cloud of doubt anyone (not including myself) may have possibly had about Romney’s claim to be pro-life were forever removed during the recent Senate vote to confirm Ketanji Brown Jackson to be the latest pro-abortion lifer (oh the irony) hoisted on us by the criminally Democrat in DC, with, of course, the direct assistance of one Willard Mitt Romney, Senator from La Jolla, errr Utah.

From here forward Mitt, every baby killed will be speaking your name to God when pleading for justice.

May God truly have mercy on your soul.

And to all of you in Utah who voted for this fraud I say this: When you voted to send Romney to DC on behalf of the people of your state you arguably did so in forgivable ignorance. Now. There is no more excuse for ignorance. If you re-elect him you will be knowingly shaking the bloody hand of a pro-abortion liar, and the blood will not wash off.

Talon’s Point of the Day – Feb 26th, 2021 “Paths”

I believe I’ve touched on this in the past but humor me if you’ve heard me talk about this before.

Over the years I’ve had numerous discussions with family and friends about how someone dear to our hearts often moves on from the relationship, or how sometimes we were that person who moves on out of some sense of personal purpose. Often someone is left shedding tears over it or in some way grieving (been there numerous times myself). I usually suggest (or remind myself of) an analogy of two people walking their own paths that converge in some way then later diverge when their paths necessarily continue on with differing trajectories. It could even be two on the same path but one seems to be pressed to walk faster so at some point communication ceases from the growing distance. Other times it’s more like meeting at an intersection. Perhaps its a first encounter, or an opportune moment to catch up with an old friend once again. Eventually the moment must pass and the purpose that brought us together must now carry us apart once again.

We’ve all had these encounters. Sometimes only pleasure comes from the moment. Other times a bittersweet taste remains as we sense a lost opportunity to have enjoyed more, perhaps lingering a few moments longer. Nevertheless we should cherish the moments God gives us with each other, for far too often we will discover our paths will never meet again.

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Talon’s Point of the Day: Feb 25th, 2021 “Change Your Mind”

We can beat our heads against God’s plan for our lives until our skulls bleed or we can seek to recognize the next step he has planned for us and move as He leads. Either way He’s not going to change His mind for us, We need and must change ours.

Now where did I put that aspirin?

Talon’s Point of the Day is meant to be concise yet thought provoking. If you are impacted feel free to share the point with others, with or without citation.

Talon’s Point of the Day – Feb 24th, 2021 “Our God Is In Control”

I may have posted this song by Steven Curtis Chapman before but I’ve been pondering the subject of losing someone we love. Sometimes it is a physical death, like the death of SCC’s daughter that inspired this song. Or it may be the death of a marriage, or any number of possibilities that result in grieving over someone held so dear but no longer in our lives. I thought of writing something about the process of dealing with the missing piece of our heart when this occurs, and sometimes the finality of the loss, but instead, I think I will just let the words of this song speak, including the hope that can be found even in grief.

If you’re dealing with grieving over someone just remember, God is still truly in control, and He will bring you through the sorrow if you cling to Him.

Talon’s Point of the Day – February 21st, 2021 “Cleansing Rain”

Recently I was taking a walk while seeking God, something I often do. As I was asking for His guidance and comfort, He drew my thoughts to the very rain that at first seem to be adding gloom and chill to my already gloomy soul. I saw and felt my jeans and shoes becoming saturated and the cold was pulling my focus away from the purpose of my walk. I began listening to the rain as it pelted against my old oilskin jacket. I thought about how the rain, drop by drop gradually washes away the oils in the jacket’s fabric, and then thought of how God Spirit comes in and cleanses away our sins, our guilt, our fears, even our loneliness if we allow Him. It was then I felt the words of a simple chorus well up within me and I began singing it back to God, suddenly not so aware of the cold pressing against me. While I won’t sing it for you (there’s a reason I don’t sing for a living), here are the words to that simple little chorus;

Cleansing rain, wash over my soul,

Take these stains, and make my heart whole,

Holy flood, I give you control,

Cleansing rain.

Perhaps there is more of this little chorus to come. If not it was just what my soul needed, a little reminder of God’s rain, ready to cleanse my soul of all that vexes it.

If you’re struggling with something, and you likely are, let the gentle rain of God’s Holy Spirit flood over you. It may not be sin. It may be fear, or sorrow, or perhaps old regrets. His rain is what you need. It’s what we all need.

Talon’s Point of the Day is meant to be concise yet thought provoking. If you are impacted feel free to share the point with others, with or without citation.

Talon’s Point of the Day, Feb 17, 2021 “Make Mine Rare Please”

There are few things I find more enjoyable than a good steak. The anticipation after being seated in a good steakhouse and telling the server “Medium” will get me salivating like Pavlov’s dogs before the appetizers arrive. The tenderness of the meat is of course what most every steak lover is waiting to confirm when his/her steak is served, except for perhaps those who like their steak well done (shudder the thought). This idea of tender meat of course gets my philosophical mind wandering (simple words, terms, or phrases usually do.) Now I realize one can have a good seared steak and have it still tender but you’ll just have to work with me here.

I started thinking how the more a steak is cooked the more it tends to become toughened much like the more the heat of life’s struggles often occur it drives all perceivable tenderness from many people’s hearts. They seem to become hardened and often bitter. Yet if we allow God to use these experiences for His good there is often an opposite effect. The trials of life in the bitter heart seems to cook all the flavor and juice out of it, so to speak. The conscience seems to become seared, as spoken of in 1 Timothy 4:2, while the action on the heart devoted to being changed by God tends to be more of a meat tenderization, and the impact is enjoyed by all who come close to it.

We all have the choice on how we handle the trials and difficulties of this life. The losses, the offenses, the rejection, the disappointments give us all the opportunity to become jaded. To sear our consciences in the effort to toughen our hearts from the pain that comes to us all is one of the greatest temptations we will ever face in life. How will we each deal with this piece of meat that is our own heart? Will we sear it trying to toughen it against sorrow, or will we let the Master do what He must to assure we have a tender and usable heart.

Make and keep mine tender Lord. In fact make it so tender that it can truly be called “rare”.

Talon’s Point of the Day is meant to be concise yet thought provoking. If you are impacted feel free to share the point with others, with or without citation.

Talon’s Point of the Day February 15, 2021 “Time For A Walk”

Years ago a friend of mine shared the product of her meditation on the concept of climbing to the proverbial mountain top. She noted how we perceive the mountain top as a point of achievement, some pinnacle that embodies success and worthy of celebration after a long arduous struggle. But then she spoke of how the Holy Spirit drew her to the examples noted in the Bible where sacrifices, including the crucifixion of Christ, occurred on maintain tops, and perhaps how the follower of Christ should rethink the purpose of the mountaintop itself, and the very pursuit thereof. Over the years that discussion has often returned to my mind. The last few days it has once again had me pondering. Here’s the foundation of my thought path.

We know Jesus tell us in Matthew 16:24 “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me”. The Apostle Paul later stated “those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.” – Gal 5:24. Paul also, in his first letter to the Corinthians, states that “I die daily” (1 Cor 15:31) and later in his second letter to the Corinthian believers seems to unwrap his previous reference when he speaks of the daily work of death in him in 2 Corinthians 4:10-12 “We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body. 11 For we who are alive are always being given over to death for Jesus’ sake, so that his life may also be revealed in our mortal body. 12 So then, death is at work in us, but life is at work in you.

So where is my thought path taking me? Where am I going with this? To a crucifixion. Mine to be specific.

In this current Church age of what has been described as “hypergrace” by some, it has become apparent that few Christians now believe there is still a call to holiness. “It’s all good with God”, “You don’t have to bother with the concern for sin anymore” etc. etc. Yet it is clear to me that God does not change, ever. His standards are immutable. Yes the grace He poured out on us through His Son’s blood covers all our sins, including our future sins, but that perfect sacrifice himself, Christ, also made it quite clear that there is a permanent denial of self’s will attached directly to a cross that we are each called to bear, and that cross infers a destination and divine appointment we must intentionally walk toward each day, our own crucifixion.

If Paul is correct, that act of crucifying our flesh (Galatians 5:24) is a daily culmination of dragging our own fleshly desires to our Savior’s cross. Daily we must put our wills against the wood He was lifted up on, and we must drive our own nails with the force necessary to overcome our fear of the pain, until the nails have fully pierced us and are inextricably lodged in His cross. With crucifixion, the death of our will is assumed. And after death comes resurrection. When we submit to this daily dying of our fleshly will, we rise anew free from the bondage of sin’s power to draw us away from our Father’s perfect will, including the bondage born of the fear of crucifixion itself. I’m convinced this is the place Paul had reached in his own walk depicted in Acts 21 while on his return journey to Jerusalem where he knew a cross of sorts awaited him. Why does this act of self crucifixion need to be daily? This is something I’m currently pondering and will perhaps address at a later date. Until then . . .

We are all called, not only to our own private daily crucifixion, but to the position of trust where we must be prepared, like Paul, like our Savior Himself, to be poured out in public sacrifice to God. Still, the eternal consequence, both in ourselves and in those who observe are immeasurable. Paul himself was the beautiful consequence of Stephen’s public sacrifice told in Acts 7. Our first introduction to Stephen in Acts 6 indicates a man who, like Paul later, pursued God in his own heart without the restraint of his own will, and while it does not speak to his (Stephen’s) own process, the details of Paul, our Savior, and the prophets that preceded His arrival all speak of a necessary self isolation and personal death of self will that ultimately culminated in the crucifixion of the perfect sacrifice, Christ himself.

Enough said. It’s time I take my daily walk.

Talon’s Point of the Day is meant to be concise yet thought provoking. If you are impacted feel free to share the point with others, with or without citation.

Talon’s Point of the Day. Jan 1, 2021 “Thank You 2020”

As with most others I’ve often spent 2020 viewing it as a dumpster fire that took 365 days to burn itself out. But as the year progressed the contrarian within me began to revive and this morning insisted on proclaiming he’s very much alive.

Yes, it was a very difficult year. A beloved young family member succumbed to depression. A member of my household suffered a severe stroke . . . again. A parent was in the hospital . . . twice, bookending the year. Further losses occurred in extended family. There’s been disappointments, such as strains in family relationships, and of course the losses and social impact of Covid-19 (I’ll leave my view of it’s political use and abuse for another day.) Like most I was financially impacted though not to the degree of many others. It’s on that note that I begin . . .

Thanks You 2020. Though you hit my wallet it could have been worse, and reminded me every day (and twice on pay day) that my source is no other than God, “… God, the Father, Who is the Source of all things.” – 1 Corinthians 8:6

Thanks You 2020. Though I continue to grieve the loss and suffering of loved ones I’m reminded through these times how important family, and love is. I’m ultimately reminded that love itself comes from God, for He is love “…because God is love” – 1 John 4:8, “For God so loved the world…” – John 3:16

Thanks You 2020. God used the very difficulty of Covid’s impact on the economy to make it possible to drastically improve living conditions in a way I never would have considered possible just 1year prior. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God…” – Romans 8:28

Thank you 2020. Your financial difficulties brought a son home for a period of renewal and growth in our relationship with each other as well as spiritually.

Thank you 2020. Through it all new friendships have been kindled, and old ones renewed. The beauty of new love has come into the family, with a new marriage and family member on the way.

Still difficulties remain. Strained relationships remain. The suffering of loved ones remains. Grief remains. Yet God’s word tells us that each day is “the day that the Lord has made.” It compels us, for our own sake, to “…rejoice and be glad in it.” – Psalm 118:24. If each day is the day that God has made, then each years is also. God, through it all, even in 2020, was shedding His amazing grace on us. If only we will just stop to notice.

As this new year is birthed I am choosing to stop and notice.

Yes. Thank you 2020

Talon’s Point of the Day is meant to be concise yet thought provoking. If you are impacted feel free to share the point with others, with or without citation.