Historical Writings

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Election Sermons
Sermon-Election-Massachusetts, 1814
An Election Sermon, preached by Jesse Appleton, to the Governor, Lt. Governor and legislature of Massachusetts in Boston, on May 25, 1814.
Sermon-Election-Connecticut, 1803
An Election Sermon, preached by Matthias Burnet, at Hartford, Connecticut on May 12, 1803.
Sermon-Election- Massachusetts, 1783
An Election Sermon, preached by Henry Cumings, before the Lt. Governor and legislature of Massachusetts, on May 28, 1783.
Sermon-Election- New Hampshire, 1816
An Election Sermon, preached by Pliny Dickinson, to the Governor, Lt. Governor and legislature of New Hampshire, on June 6, 1816.
Sermon-Election-Connecticut, 1796
An Election Sermon, preached by John Marsh, to the Lt. Governor and legislature of Connecticut, on May 12, 1796.
Sermon-Election- Massachusetts, 1800
An Election Sermon, preached by Joseph McKeen, to the legislature of Massachusetts, on May 18, 1800.
Sermon-Election-Massachusetts, 1791
An Election Sermon, preached by Chandler Robbins, to John Hancock as Governor, Samuel Adams as Lt. Governor, and the legislature of Massachusetts, on May 25, 1791.
Sermon-Election- Vermont, 1812
Pastor Isaac Beall encourages the elected officials in Vermont to make righteousness the basis of their public service.
Sermon-Election- Massachusetts, 1790
Massachusetts clergyman Daniel Foster provides an exemplary model of a pastor illuminating God’s governmental principles for the political leaders of his State.
Sermon-Election- Massachusetts, 1788
“In this election sermon on good government, the Rev. David Parsons continues the century-old tradition of American ministers giving a sermon before newly-elected government leaders.”
Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address
In one of his most powerful speeches, President Lincoln invokes God and Scripture in marking the nation’s triumph over slavery and laying the groundwork for peace.
Sermon- Christian Patriot- Boston, 1840
“In this powerful sermon on Christian patriotism, the Rev. Mellish Motte challenges his congregation regarding the need for personal righteousness, particularly in the political arena, so that the whole nation may benefit.”
John Jay on the Biblical View of War
Founding Father John Jay logically and methodically addresses the issue of war from a Biblical perspective.
The Founders As Christians
A collection of quotes from the Founding Fathers.
Sermon-Marriage- 1837
English clergyman Henry Norris marks the recent passage of a new law on marriage by providing a detailed look at the marriage institution from a Biblical perspective. His sermon provides an example of how 18th and 19th Century clergymen regularly instruct
Sermon-Execution of Richard Doane- Hartford, 1797
“In this “”Execution Sermon,”” Rev. Nathan Strong reminds his listeners of the terrible consequences of a sinful life apart from God, and urges them to be reconciled to God through Christ.”
Sermon-Liberty- Philadelphia, 1775
“The Rev. Jacob Duche delivers a powerful and compelling presentation of the liberty Christ provides His people, and the clear application of that liberty to the civil arena.”
Sermon-The Infirmities and Comforts of Old Age- West Springfield, 1805
“In this 1805 sermon, preached when he was 74 years old, the Rev. Joseph Lathrop encourages his listeners to adopt a Biblical perspective on aging.”
Sermon-Artillery- Boston, 1809
“The Rev. John Foster delivers what is called an “”Artillery Sermon”” – an annual sermon given before a military audience.”
Sermon-Dueling- Albany, 1838
New York pastor William Sprague takes a strong stand against the practice of dueling and exhorts his congregation on the vital importance of praying for government officials in this sermon.
Sermon-Moral View of Rail Roads- 1851
The Rev. S. C. Aiken cultivates a Christian worldview in his audience by presenting both a Biblical and historical context for transportation.
Sermon-Great Fire in Boston- Boston, 1760
“The Rev. Jonathan Mayhew exhorts his congregation after the Great Fire in Boston, providing them with a Biblical perspective of disasters and encouraging them to cultivate a humble and repentant heart before God.”
Sermon-Solar Eclipse- West Springfield, 1806
New England clergyman Joseph Lathrop uses the occasion of a solar eclipse to provide an explanation for the phenomenon and strengthen the Biblical worldview of his parishioners.
Proclamation-America Seeks God in a Time of War- 1777
“During the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress declared the first national day of thanksgiving in America, asking that God would “inspire our Commanders both by Land and Sea, and all under them, with that Wisdom and Fortitude which may render the
Benjamin Franklin’s letter to Thomas Paine
This letter is Benjamin Franklin’s response to a manuscript Thomas Paine sent him advocating against the concept of a providential God.
The Founders on Gambling
A collection of quotes by the Founding Fathers on gambling.
Qualifications for Public Office
“Daniel Webster persuasively reasons for the peoples’ right to establish qualifications for their elected officials and acknowledges the importance of Massachusetts’ “”respect and attachment to Christianity.”””
Should Christians – Or Ministers – Run For Office?
Founding Father John Witherspoon’s sagacious rebuttal to the 1777 Georgia Constitution’s provision forbidding clergymen from serving in the Georgia legislature
Proclamation-Humilation and Prayer- 1812
“During the War of 1812, the House and Senate passed a resolution requesting that the President recommend a day of national public humiliation and prayer, which President James Madison did by proclamation on July 9, 1812.”
Letters Between the Danbury Baptists and Thomas Jefferson
“This exchange is the source for the infamous phrase, the “wall of separation,” as it pertains to the First Amendment.”
George Washington’s Farewell Address
“As you read Washington’s closing thoughts at the end of his second administration, notice the principles that apply to all government, at all times. We have also added an outline and a select vocabulary for your convenience.”
Importance of Morality and Religion in Government
A collection of quotes from the Founding Fathers.
“Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death”
Patrick Henry’s stirring speech with scripture references added.
The Importance of Voting and Christian Involvement in the Political Arena
“A collection of quotes from the Founders and other leaders on the importance of informed, judicious voting by the people.”
Thomas Paine Criticizes the Current Public School Science Curriculum
“This piece was written in 1797, yet has immediate application today. Although Paine was a deist, he fails to fit neatly into the irreligious category, which is the usual portrayal.”


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