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In 2008 Obama worked to appeal to the young people, our nation’s greatest asset, it’s youth.  In this election it is now going beyond that.  The ‘children of the future,’ under direction of Barack Obama supporters, are blaming me and others who may have kids in the future for a long list of ‘terrible’ things.

Now for my response:
I watched this video and was stunned.  Who would spend time making such a trashy ad?  Obama has already claimed the youth are his.  Now his followers are taking our future children also and blaming us for any problems that may come.  Why claim to have the support of the children of the future?  Obama doesn’t even care about our kids– Michelle Obama wants them starving on foods they hate, Sandra Fluke wants them non-existent with free unlimited birth control and Barack Obama wants our young people dependent  on Obamacare…

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International Liberty

I’ve repeatedly expressed my concerns that Romney would be another Bush, expanding the burden of government spending and failing to engage in desperately needed entitlement reform.

I’ve even shared some R-rated anti-Romney humor, so folks know I’m not a knee-jerk Republican.

But I have to confess that this new global poll is the most persuasive pro-Romney information that I’ve seen. Simply stated, if the nation that elected an idiot like Hollande overwhelmingly supports Obama, then maybe the alternative is acceptable.

On the other hand, I’m mystified why the Aussies are so in the tank for Obama. I thought they were rather sensible, based on their good economic reforms.

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The bogus Sensata narrative against Romney

My Political Intervention

Let’s not forget Obama’s own words from 2008:

“If you can’t beat your opponent’s ideas, you distort those ideas — maybe you just make some up! If you don’t have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as somebody people should run away from. You make big elections about small things.”


Barack Obama definitely knows how that game is played, and now he’s in the defense position. He has no record to run on, so his campaign will do anything to paint Mitt Romney as someone the American people should fear. We should be scared that Romney has been successful. We should be scared that he wants to reform a Medicare program that is running on empty.

In turn, this election has been about small things. Bain Capital. Big Bird. And now another dose of Bain Capital.

Someone on the liberal side of the fence still…

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After the debacle of the banking collapse and while the Eurozone edges closer to the precipice of total meltdown, EU bosses have finally seen the light: “Europe must re-industrialize for the 21st Century.” So says European Commissioner Antonio Tajani. On Wednesday the EU Commissioner announces an initiative that will boldly “reverse the declining role of industry” on the continent.  This policy U-turn undoubtedly conflicts with stated environmental goals.  But more pointedly, this presents a great opportunity for political leaders take a new look at the disputed science at the heart of so much eco-friendliness.

Like a breath of fresh air Die Welt today, with it’s story ‘EU plans to re-industrialization of the continent’ (October 9, 2012), reveals that EU technocrats are gearing up to re-invent Europe’s once great manufacturing sector. Suddenly we are in the midst of a sea change in political thinking at the top of the EU.

EU Technocrats Declare: “Europe Must…

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