Talon’s Point of the Day – July 28th 2013

Inspired by a friend’s recent comment on a previous YouTube video posted on my site I thought it good to clarify a bit on my view of prostitution both as a Christian and as a Libertarian as follows:

“While I strongly oppose prostitution on religious grounds I must on libertarian grounds defend the right of adults to engage in it despite my view that it is self harming, both potentially physically and assuredly spiritually (thus potentially eternally). Please note I am not referring to any prostitution that results from forced participation, as such activity presumes that those who are forced are having their liberty violated. Also, the libertarian view assumes the choices of adults, not children, who as children must be protected from prostitution even if involved willfully.

On the other hand, those (Adults) in the prostitution industry by choice are still, as I mentioned in my opinion harming themselves. However, they do so willingly just as any other unhealthy behavior, such as drugs, alcohol, pornography, or for that matter the consumption of Twinkies (though Govt support of out of control unions has put an end to that self harming activity).

Such control of personal choices (liberty) is not the purview of a government charged with simply protecting liberty.

The act of prostitution, as with the other self harming acts I noted above, though abhorrent (maybe not the Twinkies), is between themselves and God, just as all sin is. It only becomes the purview of our fellow man when someone who does not wish to be a victim of a harmful conduct is forced to suffer its consequence. To otherwise grant Government the power to prevent WILLFUL prostitution is the same power that Government eventually uses to control moral behavior, such as religious expression, as well as other moral acts like resistance to the immoral use of Government force.

What we are experiencing with our current rabid abatement of liberty is the law of unintended consequence. The power we grant Government today is the power Government will use against us tomorrow…if not sooner, or put differently, the power we granted Government in the past is the power Government is using against us now.

We are wise to protect those who do not wish to be victims of prostitution but equally wise to resist the urge to protect those adults who desire no such protection. In that way the individual, rather than society as a whole, experiences for themselves the unintended consequence of their own actions, and society retains its liberty.” – Talon