Was ObamaCare merely a clever ruse?

Anthony Martin's photo Conservative Examiner

As conservatives on the U.S. Supreme Court seemed to indicate that they have major problems with the new medical care bill’s individual mandate requiring all citizens to buy health insurance, an interesting question has come to the surface among some political pundits concerning the controversial law–was ObamaCare merely a clever ruse?

Apparently some political observers think so.

In an article today at American Thinker, Daren Jonescu articulates the point of view held by some that Obama and the Leftwing never actually wanted the individual mandate at all. The ultimate goal, says Jonescu, was a single payer system of healthcare, meaning that government would control the entire enchilata and medical insurance companies would be put out of business.

According to those who hold to this theory, Obama and the Democrats only put the individual mandate in the bill to entice Republicans to support it. Despite the fact that the notion of forcing citizens to make purchases is antithetical to the principles of conservatism, the mandate does, in fact, support private enterprise in that it would give insurance companies the central role in the implementation of the law.


2 thoughts on “Was ObamaCare merely a clever ruse?

  1. Al D. March 30, 2012 / 1:04 PM

    Very thought-provoking! It’s definitely true that the ultimate goal of Obama and the Democrat hard left is government run healthcare, to which they gave the Orwellian term, “single payer”, instead of calling it what it is. They made an effort to design Obamacare as government run heaIth care, but I remember them having trouble getting enough support for the government run program, even among Democrats. So, the individual mandate version was probably intended as an interim program to get the public indoctrinated, at which point they could modify it into the fully Marxist version. But it’s quite possible that they could have planned the individual mandate version as a ruse. After all, we are talking about the most evil, deceitful Alinsky radicals here, and I we shouldn’t put anything past them.

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