Talon’s Point of the Day, Feb 17, 2021 “Make Mine Rare Please”

There are few things I find more enjoyable than a good steak. The anticipation after being seated in a good steakhouse and telling the server “Medium” will get me salivating like Pavlov’s dogs before the appetizers arrive. The tenderness of the meat is of course what most every steak lover is waiting to confirm when his/her steak is served, except for perhaps those who like their steak well done (shudder the thought). This idea of tender meat of course gets my philosophical mind wandering (simple words, terms, or phrases usually do.) Now I realize one can have a good seared steak and have it still tender but you’ll just have to work with me here.

I started thinking how the more a steak is cooked the more it tends to become toughened much like the more the heat of life’s struggles often occur it drives all perceivable tenderness from many people’s hearts. They seem to become hardened and often bitter. Yet if we allow God to use these experiences for His good there is often an opposite effect. The trials of life in the bitter heart seems to cook all the flavor and juice out of it, so to speak. The conscience seems to become seared, as spoken of in 1 Timothy 4:2, while the action on the heart devoted to being changed by God tends to be more of a meat tenderization, and the impact is enjoyed by all who come close to it.

We all have the choice on how we handle the trials and difficulties of this life. The losses, the offenses, the rejection, the disappointments give us all the opportunity to become jaded. To sear our consciences in the effort to toughen our hearts from the pain that comes to us all is one of the greatest temptations we will ever face in life. How will we each deal with this piece of meat that is our own heart? Will we sear it trying to toughen it against sorrow, or will we let the Master do what He must to assure we have a tender and usable heart.

Make and keep mine tender Lord. In fact make it so tender that it can truly be called “rare”.

Talon’s Point of the Day is meant to be concise yet thought provoking. If you are impacted feel free to share the point with others, with or without citation.

Toss in your "two cents" if you care to. Fair warning, you might get change ;-)

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