Wisdom FromThe Web: March 13th, 2013

I haven’t posted a WFTW in a long long time but this one demands it courtesy of @Lemarquand on Twitter

Guns make for safety

Wisdom From The Web – April 10 2012

Today’s WFTW comes from a follow up exchange between myself and Kyle Becker who uses the monicker “rogueoperator” on both his site Rogue Government as well as on The Constitution Club. Becker is also a regular contributor at Conservative Daily News and I highly recommend getting to know his work.

The exchange was from the article “Franklin Schooled Paine In The “Age Of Reason”” that, along with posting here, I posted over at the Constitution Club. The article and any comments can be found here

Kyle gives us a reminder history lesson of the religious reality on the days leading up to the Revolution and beyond. While the majority of people held to some form of faith, and the majority of those held to some form of Christian faith, they were certainly not of one mind when it came to faith, yet as my source article eludes, the majority clearly held Paine’s words as assault on their individual faith.

I specifically chose this comment as a reminder to us all how far we have sank in our education system. Clearly Kyle took a personal interest in American History rather than just obligatory or else he would not have such knowledge, never the less, who of us know young people not far removed from college with an inkling of such history. This is why I argue local politics is far more important than national, for until we recover our youth, few will exit college is wise.

Read on and see…

It should be noted that the words expressed on either side of the issue of religion’s influence of government were written in the context of the day and our modern contexts can sometime skew our understanding of meanings of the day. While much was said to affirm that our founders collectively agreed that Government imposed religion was NOT in the interest of liberty (I recall there were an exception or two), they never the less often publicly practiced religion at levels that would make modern Christians seem timid.

The first two acts of the first Congress was public prayer and public bible reading. For the first 100 years church services were not only held in the capitol rotunda, they were sometimes held during sessions of Congress which would brake for services intended to seek wisdom for the issues being faced (attendance optional no doubt) and attended faithfully by early Presidents according to congressional records. These services were not shy in the using of the name Jesus Christ if David Barton is correct (have not researched it myself**). Congress further authorized printing of sermons for circulation to churches, Several Presidents proclaimed national days of fasting, on and on. Examples of things that now would be considered violations of church and state under the conjured definition or at minimum be mocked in our modern media.

Which brings us back to the perspective intent of the source article.

**When it comes to records from our founding, on line research is sketchy at best. Many records are simply not available on line and often commentaries are intended to skew the view of the reader by massaging facts (wikipedia etc) but this can occur from either side of the issue. One could argue the same of course for my article but I tried to keep commentary to a minimum and simply share the facts. The facts tell me there was a pro-Christianity mindset of the day that simply no longer exists today.


WFTW is a feature about wise or witty comments posted on blogs, videos, or anywhere I end up on the web. It is usually focused on comments rather than source articles / videos themselves. In most cases the source is also worthy of attention.

Wisdom From The Web – April 9th 2012

I like when my WFTW entry comes from an unexpected source. In this case the gem was found while viewing the Twitter profile of “GulagBound”

Reading the profile statement says it all……

Well said GB

GulagBound’s site can be viewed at http://GulagBound.com

WFTW is a feature about wise or witty comments posted on blogs, videos, or anywhere I end up on the web. It is usually focused on comments rather than source articles / videos themselves. In most cases the source is also worthy of attention.

Wisdom From The Web – April 5th 2012

This is my first WFTW post focused on Twitter tweeters. There are some great minds there I will be tapping for sure, especially when they can demonstrate the skill of expressing a logical argument in 140 characters or less.

Those who know me know I love it when someone cuts through the smoke and speaks directly to an issue or clarifies a consequence. When well done, the self limiting “Pithy” requirement of Twitter can be a tremendous tool for getting to the point. Prolific Tweeter Kevin @keder has a special talent for such “tweets.” Here is a few samples…enjoy.

It great to see a new generation of anti leftist warriors on the rise, especially in the new media where it will be so critical.


WFTW is a feature about wise or witty comments posted on blogs, videos, or anywhere I end up on the web. It is usually focused on comments rather than source articles / videos themselves. In most cases the source is also worthy of attention.

Wisdom from the Web – March 12 2012

Source article:

Love the following comment from reader:


Mr. Mitchell has described America’s decline in a few paragraphs.
Virtually every single European nation has travelled this road. And travelled it more or less independently, before the more recent era of the EU and its uniform mandates. So why would anyone think that Americans will escape that fate? The DNA of the American voter is the same as everyone else’s. It only takes a little bit of time for the vicious cycle to do its work – a little bit more time due to the unprecedented infusion of liberty endowed on this country at its creation – an unprecedented and unrepeatable historical coincidence where a few developed settlers discover a new continent and happened to seed it with the aberrant individual freedom ideas held by a small minority in late 18th century England. But that endowment and historical fortune is now all but used up, the margin of advantage that Americans hold over other nations is now very thin, and three billion emerging world competitors have little time or desire to wait and find out how America’s experiment with statism/socialism will turn out. Americans will lose their top prosperity, especially since most — even opponents of ObamaCare and other “care” packages to come — have no clue what is happening and what the fundamental forces of decline are.

Historical momentum can only carry you so far dear Americans. Rational understanding as to what had set you apart from the rest of the world is necessary to maintain it. And that rational thought does not exist — even amongst opponents of America’s Europeanization. Vague references to traditions and star spangled banners are simply grossly insufficient in preventing you from converging towards the worldwide average. You are now set on a below world average growth trendline: i.e. DECLINE.

WFTW is a feature focused on wise or witty comments posted on blogs / videos rather than focusing on the source themselves. In most cases the source is also worthy of attention, as is always the case with Dan Mitchell’s articles.

Wisdom from the web – March 4th 2012

This edition WFTW is a comment response to an article from one of my favorite bloggers and speakers Dan Mitchell.

The article is: In the Entire World, Is there Anybody Who Is Suprised that Obamacare Is Turning Out to Be Far More Expensive than the President Promised? and begins as follows:

March 3, 2012 by Dan Mitchell

Washington is filled with people who exaggerate, prevaricate, dissemble, and  obfuscate. And those are the people I like. The ones I don’t like are much worse.That’s why, during the Obamacare debate, I warned that the numbers were utterly dishonest.

We were told, if you remember those grim days, that adopting a giant new entitlement somehow was going to lead to less red ink, but I doubt anybody with an IQ above room temperature actually believed that nonsense, notwithstanding the supposedly non-partisan estimates from the Congressional Budget Office and the Joint Committee on Taxation.

Well, Obamacare was enacted and we’ve already seen evidence that supporters were being less than truthful.

“I’m shocked, shocked, that Obamacare is more expensive than the original forecasts.” And now there are additional re-estimates suggesting the problem is much worse than even critics feared.One wonders whether supporters of the legislation will now imitate Inspector Renault from Casablanca and pretend that they are surprised about this outcome. Continue Reading

Beyond the usual wisdom of Dan Mitchell is the perspective imposing wisdom of the commenter posting as  “Zorba” as follows:

“You have not seen anything yet on ObamaCare — and it’s main effect in prosperity suppression will never be seen, just as Europeans never saw it.

It is the effect on perpetually compounding lower growth rates, as the effort- reward curve flattens to European levels, as exceptional work is trimmed to insulate a majority from the consequences of lifetime mediocrity — a mediocrity supported by the various “care” packages. — many more to come as the desperation of decline will inevitably trigger calls for more packages at the polls. Nothing is quite as pivotal and as irreversible in america’s decline as ObamaCare.

That will be the main effect and consequence. But few will recognize it as such. The decline though will be real and felt. Welcome to Europe.”

Now that’s reminding us of what is at stake!

Wisdom from the Web – March 2nd 2012

The following is a comment posted in the discussion board on the PJTV article: Andrew Breitbart Ignored the Pain  article author J. Christian Adams

The following comment is from a person under the monicker ‘The Root 83’ as follows:

“The Left is indeed guided by demons and wicked hearts. But they are also, individually, incredibly weak specimens of humanity. That is why they flood the institutions, so that the institutions will administer their wickedness, in the thoughtless drone of Impenetrable Bureaucracy.

Andrew Breitbart 1969-2012

They have no taste for fight in themselves, they have others do it for them. Thats is why they hated Andrew, and why they hate us…Because at some point, they know Patriots like us WILL go to war. Fearlessly. Individually. Ourselves, not our minions. And no, we will not “fight” in the juvenile forms of vandalism they prefer… ….smashing windows and pooping on police cars, in front of their MSM allies to gain further concession and influence of institutions they seek to control…No, we are willing to die in war. We are the veterans, and the current soldiers, not them. We’ve seen it before…Real Wars…With lives lost, in real stands, against tyrannies, past and present.

That’s who we are as Americans. Our DNA goes straight back to that first skirmish line…the commoners, the average…standing, and fighting. Anyone, from any corner of the globe, can come here and be part of that family as a full blood-relative. The genetics of freedom know no race. That is our collective ancestry, while the ancestors of the Left were the Royal Governors. Fat and putrid elitist without a stain of sweat, sending mercenaries to subdue the honest. Today, they are intent on divides the races, the classes, the “cultures” into squabbling camps, to either do their bidding or be distracted by the noise, while they eat away at our fortunes and freedom.

Andrew called them out on it. He was one of the most dangerous men in America, because he wasn’t AFRAID. And that’s why they hate him, and us, with such passion. The cowards that hurl names, categories, titles and slogans, to box us in with gossip and innuendo….they the fearful. Fearful of their status, their connections, and the all important opinion of their social(ist), social climbing peers.

Andrew was not afraid of them. And the example of his courage, coupled of course with his magnificent business and media skills, brought forth the bravery of so many others who felt lost and overwhelmed.

The Left is indeed guided by demons and wicked hearts.
And Andrew was the wooden stake they feared.”


“Bravo Root 83” – Talon