Talon’s Point of the Day – Feb 4th, 2016 Are You ن ?

We are living in a time of heroes of the Cross but we’re so enslaved to our American comfort that we live our days unaware. Meanwhile, brothers and sisters we’ve never met are losing everything, driven by persecution to flee for their lives with nothing but the literal clothes on their backs to live in tents, or worse. Those who do not make it out, or stay in defiance of Islamists to be the light of Christ in a darkening world, are being martyred for the Savior they love more than life itself.

What are you and I doing, not only to shine God’s light in our own darkening world, but to bring some relief to our brothers and sisters of faith who have lost all for the Cross of Christ?

I am N Book from The Voice of the Martyrs

Talon’s Point of the Day is meant to be concise yet thought provoking. If you are impacted feel free to share the point with others, with or without citation.

Talon’s Point of the Day – Oct 7th 2013

Talon’s Point of the Day has always been used to share, concisely as possible, what is on my mind and in my own words. When it come to the subject of suffering for one’s faith I am wholly unqualified compared to the hero of faith Richard Wurmbrand, so this quote is his from the 1970’s

“Friendship with Jesus is costly. Faith alone saves, but saving faith is never alone. It’s always accompanied by sacrifices for Christ’s sake” – Richard Wurmbrand, tortured for Christ by the Nazis and Soviets for a combined 13 years

In 1966, Wurmbrand testified before the US Senate’s Internal Security Subcommittee, removing his shirt in front of TV cameras to show the scars of his torture,

Transcript of Richard Wurmbrand’s testimony before Congress here
You can purchase “Tortured For Christ,” the story of Richard Wurmbrand here. If you dare read this book, you will never be the same