Talon’s Point of the Day – Sept 3rd 2013

“The fact that Obama is now seeking Congressional approval is evidence he was originally intending to violate the Constitution by attacking Syria without it.

Now he intends to violate the Constitution by seeking approval for attacking a nation that he has no evidence attacked us or intends to. He’s doing so to make Congress culpable and invested into future Constitutional violations, including domestic.” – Talon

Talon’s Point – Aug 28th 2013

“Today is the annual day communists and other Democrat plantation pimps hijack the cameras to publicly prostitute the message of Dr. Martin Luther King, all while continuing to propagate slavery through dependency to the government master who owns them.

I’m sorry Dr. King, but your dream is dead, drowned in the sea of EBT cards, government phones, Obamacare, etc ” – Talon

NFL Teams Renamed – Oh this is funny

Liberals Rename ALL 32 NFL Teams!

A certain NFL team has been under a lot of fire recently because of a supposed offensive name.  We here at The Morlock Revolt thought that we would give liberals the opportunity to rename all
32 NFL teams.  In one way or another they’re going to offend someone.  So we have here today Kyle. Say Hi Kyle.

Kyle: Hello, I am Kyle Peeleft and I am the Senior Fellow at Senior Fellows Matter for America. I am also a Senior Analyst for Analyzing Senior Fellows in the field of Senior Fellows.

Matt: That seems redundant.

Kyle: We’re very important.

Matt: Ok Kyle why don’t you tell us and our readers what you and your team of “senior fellows” have come up with for liberal renames of the NFL teams.

Kyle: Oh we will, and they’re not just suggestions. This is really going to happen. Just like how we got Rush Limbaugh off the air, we will rename these teams!

Matt: But Rush is still on the air.

Kyle: Shut up you’re a racist! Let’s start with The AFC East! Stupid Racist Bigot.



New England Patriots:

     Ugh, the Patriots?! Are you kidding me? Right off the top we have a jingoistic name that exhibits the ugly pro-Americanism that has destroyed this country and look at the mascot! A tea party guy that holds a gun and shoots peaceful British people. No! This team needs a true hero for it’s mascot! What better way to recognize the true heroism of these non-aggressive non-combatants then by giving them a team. So give it up for your new NEW ENGLAND UN PEACEKEEPERS!

New York Jets

     Jets are dirty fuel guzzling and carbon outputting piece of capitalistic garbage! That is just down right scary for New Yorkers and Americans. If New Yorkers really like to be scared then they should be scared by something that is truly terrifying, like Diabetes and heart disease.  The number one cause of these diseases is as we all know Global Warming and 40oz Big Gulp Drinks.  We can’t really incorporate both so let me introduce you to the NEW YORK BIG GULPS

Miami Dolphins

     Dolphins are a gentle noble creature that has no place being in a violent environment like football. So the true heroes of the Dolphin are their compassionate protectors that fight for their rights as intelligent members of Mother Earth.  We owe a debt of gratitude to these men and women that annoy fishing vessels everyday on the front lines.  MIAMI GREENPEACE

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Talon’s Point of the Day – June 28th 2013

“America is being “fundamentally transformed” from a melting pot to a boiling pot by those who hate America, manipulating those who fear the heat of liberty” – Talon

Talon’s Point of the Day June 27th 2013

“The movement to establish homosexual unions as “marriage” rather than simply acknowledged legal property contracts commonly referred to as civil unions is part of the groundwork being laid for a coming persecution in America against anyone who holds to anything traditional, especially religious beliefs. Europe’s law curtailing religious liberty, often exhibited in the issue of “gay” “rights” is the pattern, or the means. All out persecution is the intended ends.” – Talon

“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.” – Jesus, Matthew 5:11

Talon’s Point of the Day June 26th 2013

“Man can attempt to redefine what is healthy and good behavior but he cannot redefine the consequence of denying the truth” – Talon

“There is a way that seems right to man, but its end is the way is death” – Solomon’s source of wisdom

Regardless of today’s Supreme Court ruling we know several things, including the fact that SCOTUS is not the final arbiter of truth as history has shown. We also know the political forces in America, driven by spiritual forces in my view, are attempting to form our nation into a European style govt. As such the moral decay and weakness in the face of the enemies of civil society that is even more visible in Europe than in America will soon be our own if the trend continues.

Talon’s Point of the Day – 06/25/13

“Why is the left all upset with “revelations” of “our” govt spying on its citizens? Loss of privacy is the obvious result of a nanny state. What child can be properly cared for when the nanny does not know where the child is at and what he/she is doing 24/7?” – Talon