Talon’s Point – Aug 28th 2013

“Today is the annual day communists and other Democrat plantation pimps hijack the cameras to publicly prostitute the message of Dr. Martin Luther King, all while continuing to propagate slavery through dependency to the government master who owns them.

I’m sorry Dr. King, but your dream is dead, drowned in the sea of EBT cards, government phones, Obamacare, etc ” – Talon

Good Thing Victim Was Only White So It Doesn’t Matter

Blacks beat white tourist in Baltimore – ghetto crowd laughs and steals his belongings

jesse-jacksonSo where is Obama? Where’s Eric Holder? Where’s Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? Oh that’s right. The victim beaten and stolen from was white, and the attackers and blacks in the crowd laughs then strips the white tourist naked and steals his personal property like his iPhone, car keys, watch and money. So move along, nothing to see here. This disgusting event happened in Baltimore on St. Patricks Day (March 17th) during the height of the race hustling lame stream media and progressive liberals over Trayvon Martin. It happened around the same time a teenage black fatally beat to death an 85 year old great great-great mother, and nearly fatally beat a 90 year WWII veteran to death in Oklahoma. The left wing wanted their race war, and they got it. Not like they care. Since the ‘victim’ is white, it’s not national news or anything like that.

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Anti-Semitism Alive And Well Among Nobel Winners

If Obama’s not so ignorant “return to the 67 borders” (wish he would return to his own 67 border) was not enough, or Jimmy Carter’s constant effort to prop up the false notion that Palestinians are suffering from Jewish genocidal intentions, comes this latest Wackadamia Nut blaming the Jews ridiculous insistence on self preservation for threatening the peace of the world (as if Islamic attacks around the world are on Jewish institutions of world domination.)

Nobel winner Grass: Israel a threat to world peace

Associated PressBy JUERGEN BAETZ | Associated Press – 14 mins ago

  • FILE - The Oct. 15, 2009 file photo shows German writer and Nobel price laureate for literature Guenter Grass during an interview with journalists of the Associated Press in the library of Steidl publishers in Goettingen, Germany. Grass is sharply criticizing Israel amid tensions with Iran and what he describes as Western hypocrisy over Israel's suspected nuclear program. In a prose poem published Wednesday, April 4, 2012 in German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung, the 84-year-old Grass highlighted Berlin's recent sale to Israel of a submarine able to "send all-destroying warheads where the existence of a single nuclear bomb is unproven." (AP Photo/Jens Meyer)FILE – The Oct. 15, 2009 file photo …

BERLIN (AP) — German Nobel literature laureate Guenter Grass labeled Israel a threat to “already fragile world peace” in a poem published Wednesday that drew sharp rebukes at home and from Israel.

In the poem titled “What must be said,” published in German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung and Italy’s La Repubblica among others, Grass criticized what he described as Western hypocrisy over Israel’s own suspected nuclear program amid speculation that it might engage in military action against Iran to stop it building a suspected atomic bomb.

The 84-year-old Grass said he had been prompted to put pen to paper by Berlin’s recent decision to sell Israel a submarine able to “send all-destroying warheads where the existence of a single nuclear bomb is unproven.”

“The nuclear power Israel is endangering the already fragile world peace,” he wrote. His poem specifically criticized Israel’s “claim to the right of a first strike” against Iran.

Grass also called for “unhindered and permanent control of Israel’s nuclear capability and Iran’s atomic facilities through an international body.”

Israel views Iran as a threat to its existence, citing among other things some Iranian calls for its destruction and fears that Iran aims to produce nuclear weapons.

Grass didn’t mention those calls, which have been made by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but obliquely referred to the Iranian people being “subjugated by a loudmouth.”

Israel is widely believed to have an arsenal of nuclear weapons but has never admitted it, pursuing instead an official policy of “ambiguity” to deter potential attackers.

Israel currently has three Dolphin submarines from Germany — one half-funded and two entirely funded by Berlin — two more are currently under construction, and the contract for a sixth submarine was signed last month.

Dolphin-class submarines can carry nuclear-tipped missiles, but there’s no evidence Israel has armed them with such weapons.

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“The internal expurgation of the Jewish spirit is not possible in any platonic way.  For the Jewish spirit as the product of the Jewish person.  Unless we expel the Jewish people.  Unless we expel the Jewish people soon, they will have judaized our people within a very short time.” –  Adolf Hitler

Good to see the enlightened tree of humanistic knowledge hasn’t actually cut off one of it’s roots….sigh.

Wisdom From The Web – March 26th, 2012

Photo Source: http://vernacularofthelayman.wordpress.com/2012/03/25/303/

This absolute gem comes from thomaspaine2nd from a discussion on the shooting of Traymon Martin currently being played up by the left to rally the troops.

The original blog can be found here: Who is Responsible for the Trayvon Martin Killing? and is worth the read.

The comment itself was in response to a comment trying to infer guilt on Zimmerman simply because he was the one possessing the firearm, rather than determining who was responsible for a confrontation becoming physical.

Paine’s response is as follows:

There’s something here vaguely analogous of the Zimmerman / Martin conflict but I can’t quite put my “finger” on it.

WFTW is a feature focused on wise or witty comments posted on blogs / videos rather than focusing on the source themselves. In most cases the source is also worthy of attention, as is the case here.