Music Monday – My Life [Hymns] Crystal Lewis

If you’ve never heard Crystal Lewis’s rendition of some of the great hymns of all time you are in for a treat. Below will give you a taste but I highly recommend searching a hard copy out on the internet for optimum audio.


And just in case you’d enjoy hearing a version in Spanish

Talon’s Point of the Day – May 17th, 2015 Chinx, Mourning A Life Wasted

Today comes word of yet another death in the rap music “community.” Rapper “Chinx” aka Lionel Pickens, who’s debut album is titled “Hurry Up & Die Vol. 1: Get Ya Casket On” was driving his Porsche Panamera 4 through the streets of Queens NY about 4am yesterday (5/16) morning when multiple shots were fired in to his vehicle killing him and critically wounding his passenger.

Those who know me know of my profound disdain for the musical genre that has been used to glorify and further popularize a culture that is not only destroying millions of lives in our nation’s inner cities but is even spreading to small town America. I could easily wax sarcastic about this event due to my utter frustration with people like Mr. Pickens yet God’s Spirit also reminds me that His heart breaks for every Lional Pickens of this world who rejects the message of God’s love, who take their God given talent and waste it in pursuit of money, self gratification, and a false sense of power.

When I read of Mr. Picken’s death on twitter this morning my first reaction was to go to his twitter page where I read many confirmations of his participation in the degrading of his own culture and even commented accordingly. That tweet can be found on the right side of  this page in my twitter feed. Then God spoke to me reminding me of why men, and women, like Lionel Pickens frustrate me so. Because at the end of the day there are millions of souls at stake and sadly the enemy is using people like Mr. Pickens far more successfully to entrap and destroy lives than God is seemingly using his people to save them.

Is this because Satan is wiser or more powerful than God? Of course not. Satan is always seeking and teaching the lost to take short cuts in life. It results in much of what we seek in the media that looks both wonderful and sometimes horrific. We saw Mr. Picken’s ‘wonderful’ wealth, and now his horrific death.

Satan’s method is often flamboyant. Fast cars, scantly clad attractive women, cash burning to light fat cigars. God however works much differently, in ways we often cannot perceive. Yet He doesn’t want us to be silent in the face of evil either. What we are observing in our culture is not just God working quietly, but his people often standing silent is hopes of not offending, or in hopes of being allowed to continue being “socially relevant” (something I detest the Christian concern for).

In this day and age there is simply too few Christians willing to put themselves in harms way to speak truth to sin and nearly as few it seems who are willing to spend their resources to help put forth the message of life as passionately as those who are willing to fund the message of self gratification, which really is the message of death.

Very shortly now Mr. Picken will “get his casket on.”  This world will of course morn his passing because he was a messenger of its views even as some within it cringe at his messaging.  I originally intended to post the lyrics to one of his songs to make an earlier point to his participation in the destruction of so many but it really isn’t necessary.

Today instead I choose to mourn a life not only wasted but used to convince thousands upon thousand to also waste theirs.

The Late Great Rich Mullins In Concert

This series of clips is from a live concert at Carpenter’s Way Church in Lufkin, TX
on July 19, 1997, just 2 months before “going out like Elijah” on September 19th, 1997.

For those of you yet unfamiliar with Rich Mullins he was gifted with great musical talents. His skills on multiple instruments was legendary, including his world class skill on two different types of the Dulcimer. His fame however (a term he was likely uncomfortable with) was in putting words to music in a way that spoke deep to the hearts of those who enjoy his music. Yet his most profound talent, in my opinion, was his ability to look past religiosity to express the sometime blunt truth the Church was, and is, so in need of hearing. As one person wrote “Rich was irreverently reverent.” His willingness to expose himself to ridicule for his imperfections as a Christ follower in order to express from his personal experience the love and forgiveness of God was a beauty of soul so rarely found yet so desperately needed among us, and in us.

You are greatly missed Rich Mullins. The music you must be making now in heaven can scarcely be imagined.


Rich Mullins: Live – Lufkin, TX – Full Concert (Part 1 of 9)

In this video: Nothing But the Blood, Awesome God, Brother’s Keeper, Boy Like Me/Man Like You


Rich Mullins: Live – Lufkin, TX – Full Concert (Part 2 of 9)

In this video: John’s Song [Lap Dulcimer Instrumental], Madeline’s Song, 78 Eatonwood Green, Calling Out Your Name, Such a Thing as Glory


Rich Mullins: Live – Lufkin, TX – Full Concert (Part 3 of 9)

In this video: Such a Thing as Glory, [Irish Sweater Story], Ready for the Storm, Babylon, [Rich speaks at length]


Rich Mullins: Live – Lufkin, TX – Full Concert (Part 4 of 9)

In this video: [Rich speaks at length], I See You, You Did Not Have a Home, I Will Sing, Sing Your Praise to the Lord


Rich Mullins: Live – Lufkin, TX – Full Concert (Part 5 of 9)

In this video: Sing Your Praise to the Lord, [Amsterdam story], Hold Me Jesus, While the Nations Rage


Rich Mullins: Live – Lufkin, TX – Full Concert (Part 6 of 9)

In this video: If I Stand, Screendoor, [Canticle of the Plains], Heaven is Waiting, Elijah


Rich Mullins: Live – Lufkin, TX – Full Concert (Part 7 of 9)

In this video: Elijah, [How’d You Get Saved? Story], [Balaam’s Ass story], [Rich speaks at length]


Rich Mullins: Live – Lufkin, TX – Full Concert (Part 8 of 9)

In this video: Sometimes By Step, Creed, It is Well, I’m Going to Sing


Rich Mullins: Live – Lufkin, TX – Full Concert (Part 9 of 9)

In this video: I’m Going to Sing/Swing, Low Sweet Chariot/When the Saints (Round), Doxology