Talon’s Point of the Day – March 13th, 2014

Ann Coulter is once again ignoring the reality of the damage they are doing to America as evidenced by her support of RINOs over actual conservatives.

Just as I warned in Feb. 2012 with my postA Dear Ann Letterwhen Coulter backed Mitt Romney over other, more conservative, GOP candidates, she now once again would prefer the conservative masses hold their noses and support what she thinks is “electability” despite the reality that when true conservatives, and their voting cousins the libertarians (including myself), reach the point of disgust with the stench within our own so called ranks, that many become so nauseated with the thought of voting for these false conservatives that they stay home election night, preferring to consume large quantities of sometimes alcohol laced Pepto Bismol.

Ironically, if you read my post “A Dear Ann Letter” you would have seen my prescient warning about her flawed affection for Chris Christie back when the vast majority of the self proclaimed “conservative” public thought Christie was a fellow conservative. Oh how reality stings.

So apparently yesterday Coulter blogged her defense of Mitch McConnell, even after McConnell spoke of Tea Party candidates by sayingI think we are going to crush them everywhere … I don’t think they are going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country.”  She did so while going on tv, and possibly in her blog, proclaiming how she loves the Tea Party. Yeah ok.

Once again Ann has traded her credentials, or what might be more appropriately described as “remaining perceived credentials” to prop up the collapsed credibility of one of the sources of the stench.

Either buy Ann and Mitch, or come November grab your Pepto, and maybe some Jack.

Let’s Review Here – The RINO Legacy

McCain RINO pic

Just a reminder of what has happened over the last 25 plus years of Republicans nominating RINOs

1980 Reagan – Conservative (for the most part) – Won as a Conservative

1984 Reagan – Conservative (for the most part) – Won – Reelected as a Conservative

Reagan was the last President to even come close to being a true Conservative and even he had his failures, ie amnesty, Sandra Day O’Connor, large budgets


And then it began…..

1988 Bush Sr – RINO – Won – Ran  on Reagan’s conservative coat tails

1992 Bush Sr – RINO – Lost – Didn’t govern as a conservative

1996 Dole – RINO – Lost – Couldn’t motivate conservatives / libertarians to vote

2000 Bush –  RINO – Won – Barely elected as a “conservative”

2004 Bush – RINO – Won – Reelected as a “wartime” President

2008 McCain – RINO – Lost – Couldn’t motivate conservatives / libertarians to vote

2012 Romney – RINO – Lost – Couldn’t motivate conservatives / libertarians to vote