Talon’s Point of the Day – July 5th 2013

English: Ted Cruz at the Republican Leadership...
English: Ted Cruz at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I was quite pleased today to read from the office of Senator Ted Cruz what I have been saying for years, that “the right to life is foundational to all other rights.” As Sen. Cruz understands, and is willing to fight against, once we are willing to kill people before they are born, liberty no longer exists.” – Talon

Talon’s Point of the Day – July 4th 2013

“In the bloody history of the human pursuit of freedom, America stood alone as the only nation ever to entrust liberty to the individual over the authority of the state, relegating the state’s authority to the defense of the individual’s liberty. That trust has been rescinded and history may never be the same.

Read your Declaration of Independence today. See what you have lost. Then, as our fathers did, kneel before the sovereign God of the universe and seek his guidance in your life and nation.” – Talon

“If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” – God, 2 Chronicles 7:14


Talon’s Point of the Day – June 28th 2013

“America is being “fundamentally transformed” from a melting pot to a boiling pot by those who hate America, manipulating those who fear the heat of liberty” – Talon

Talon’s Point of the Day – 06/25/13

“Why is the left all upset with “revelations” of “our” govt spying on its citizens? Loss of privacy is the obvious result of a nanny state. What child can be properly cared for when the nanny does not know where the child is at and what he/she is doing 24/7?” – Talon

A Little Rebellion: Prof Clyde Wilson

From the desk of a true Patriot Mike Church. Not that I agree with everything lock step, but Church is as valuable resource to anyone wanting to recapture small (r) republicanism in government.

Mandeville, LAI have with great energy read and re-read Prof. Clyde Wilson’s essays available online. Essays that move the real freedom loving journeyman to action in words and deeds. In this excerpt from the Nov., 2011 issue of Chronicles Magazine  (a great mag to subscribe to!) Prof. Wilson lays out the best case for what the American Revolution produced I have ever read. One cannot help but feel compelled to run or gallop to the local, burst the doors open and yell “the Fedcoats are coming, the Fedcoats are coming” and then begin the manly task of recruiting militia and pamphleteers to abate the attack. Please share this article with everyone you know. Beseech them to resist forwarding Obama’s latest birth certificate or the “How to stop Agenda 21 for Dummies” guide, they will not save republicanism. Understanding, believing and living as [r]epublicans is the true “last, best hope of Earth” this essay will inspire anyone to that calling. – Mike Church

A Little Rebellion

by  • November 3, 2011, Chronicles

EXCERPTED, The full article is here.

My point is illuminated by the argument between John Adams in his A Defense of the Constitutions of the United States and John Taylor of Caroline, the systematic philosopher of Jeffersonian democracy, in his Construction Construed, and Constitutions Vindicated.  Adams’ view of history was that the popular majority always had a tendency to envy the wealth of its betters and use the government to appropriate it, and that this tendency was the chief source of destruction of a free regime.

He hoped to avoid the subversion of American republicanism by various devices that would dilute and delay an unwise popular majority: a bicameral legislature with an upper house remote from popular opinion, an executive veto, and an independent judiciary.  All Adams’ devices have catastrophically failed to limit government and to preserve freedom, as Taylor plainly predicted.

For Taylor, Adams had got his history wrong.  The people, in a society like that of Americans, were not dangerous.  Most of the time they went quietly about their own business and demanded nothing—unless they were intolerably provoked by abuses of government.  It was the “court party” that was the enemy of liberty and that would subvert the free commonwealth.  History showed that there were always self-seeking minorities, would-be elites, ready to use the machinery of government to live off the labor of the majority.  Sometimes this was done by force, and sometimes by fraud, as in the Hamiltonian maxim “a public debt is a public blessing.”  The remedy was not to erect artificial “checks and balances” but to make sure power was widely dispersed, limited, and amenable to recall.

The Jeffersonian Constitution has been misrepresented as much as or more than Jeffersonian philosophy.  It was not “strict construction,” a nonstarter, nor even states’ rights.  It was state sovereignty.  Jefferson (and Madison, too) may be quoted ad infinitum to this effect.  The Virginia and Kentucky documents of 1798-1800 spell out beyond any doubt that the final defense of freedom in the American system is the people acting in their only constitution-making identity, that of their sovereign states.  The states were the legitimate and peaceful resort to protect the liberties of their citizens and themselves as communities from federal encroachment.

Years after leaving the White House, Jefferson writes to an inquisitive foreigner,

“But the true barriers of our liberty in this country are our State governments; and the wisest conservative power ever contrived by man, is that of which our Revolution and present government found us possessed.  Seventeen distinct States, amalgamated into one as to their foreign concerns, but single and independent as to their internal administration.”

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Any true Americans left among us? – Alan Keyes


April 30, 2012 · Alan Keyes

It’s now clear that, as expected,  in November’s Presidential election the elite faction’s sham party system will offer American voters the choice between a Democrat lying order to force anti-American socialism on the nation and a Republican lying in order to hide the role he proudly played in imposing anti-American socialism in Massachusetts. This means that voters will have no choice in November if they wish to reject socialism and restore justly limited Constitutional government, framed in light of the God acknowledging principles of the Declaration of Independence. This week I will be sharing some ideas about the election strategy the Constitution allows for people truly determined to defeat the elite faction’s destruction of America’s liberty. In February I posted an article at WND.com which serves as a good introduction to these ideas.  With that in mind, I post it here in its entirety.]


If people are obliged to support one person who doesn’t represent them in order to stop another who also doesn’t represent them, they end up with a government that doesn’t represent them. The American Founders rightly identified representation as the defining feature of our republic (see, for example, James Madison in Federalist N. 10, “a republic by which I mean a government in which the scheme of representation takes place. …”) Now, thanks to the “choice of evils” crowd, we are being skillfully maneuvered into a voting mentality that effectively destroys it. (“In Good Conscience”)

The elitist faction that engineered Barack Obama’s occupation of the White House is clearly determined to overthrow government of, by and for the people founded upon the God-acknowledging principles of America’s Declaration of Independence and established by the Constitution of the United States. Though, at the very least, a large plurality of Americans oppose the elitists’ moral and economic deconstruction of liberty, the results of Florida’s just completed GOP primary vote suggest that, as in 2008, the sham electoral process of the twin-party system will offer them no more than a Machiavellian “choice of evils” in the 2012 general election. They can have Mitt Romney, the proven crypto-socialist former governor of the ailing socialist Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Or they can rely on Newt Gingrich, who frothed with enthusiasm for Alvin Toffler’s literally elitist “Politics of the Third Wave”. Among other things:

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