Prelude To A Constitutional Convention?

Help U.S. Senator Long, You’re Our Only Hope: Convention of States Meets At Mount Vernon

Indiana State Senate President David C. Long has the weight of the free world on his shoulders and most of our friends are not aware of it.

Allow me to digress.

Perhaps you have heard about Mark Levin’s mega-best seller The Liberty Amendments. Levin is a famed lawyer who has written the best selling book on the Supreme Court of all time, he has argued cases in front of the Supreme Court, runs one of the top legal foundations in the country, he was a ranking official in the Reagan Administration and is also the number one rated syndicated radio host in his time slot in the United States.

The Liberty Amendments outlines in complete footnoted detail how the states can form a convention under Article V of the Constitution for the purpose of of proposing amendments to the Constitution. This can be done by the states alone, completely bypassing Washington.

Mark Levin has outlined 11 proposed amendments which many believe would solve most of the nations governing ills.

They are:

1 – An amendment to establish term limits for Members of Congress.

2 – An amendment to restore the Senate.

3 – An amendment to establish term limits for Supreme Court Justices and super-majority legislative override.

4 – Two amendments to limit federal spending and taxing.

5 – An amendment to limit the federal bureaucracy.

6 – An amendment to promote economic liberty.

7 – An Amendment to protect your private property.

8 – An amendment to adjust Article V to make the state amendment process less arduous.

9 – An amendment to grant the states the authority to check congress.

10 – An amendment to protect the vote.

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Response to Ted Cruz Fundraiser

While I really like what I’ve seen of Ted Cruz the reality is still that even he won’t seem to properly address Barack Obama’s brazen disregard for Constitutional limits to Executive power.

Today I received his latest fundraiser email. I responded….

140130 Response to Ted Cruz fundraiser

Talon’s Point of the Day – Jan 16th, 2014

“Alexis de Tocqueville was correct. We’ve chosen to be equal in slavery rather than unequal in poverty, and the Washington elitists couldn’t be happier with our choice.” – Talon

Talon’s Point of the Day – Nov 29th, 2013

“America’s inner cities are an indictment of the failure of the Socialist experiment including already existing government healthcare programs. The insistence on subjugating the rest of America (through political conquest despite Constitutional guarantees  of personal liberty), under programs of control, like gun control, etc, that have existed for years in places like Detroit and Chicago, speaks directly to the true intent of those offering to ‘fundamentally change’ us. That intent is “transparent” to those willing to see” –  Talon

Firefox Defends Your Privacy While Google Was In Obama’s Pocket?

Obama Google Pic

While Google co-founder Sergey Brin is a vocal supporter of Barack Obama, and Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt directly advised Obama on policy, Firefox on the other hand is seeking to defend your liberty against NSA intrusion begun under the Bush administration and continued under the “transparent” Obama presidency.

Click on the petition page image below or on this StopWatching.US link to join the petition calling on Congress to expose the full extent of the unconstitutional NSA surveillance of U.S. citizens without proper warrants.

StopWatchingUs petition

Want To Know What Local Leftists Profited From Obama Stimulus Funds?



English: United States President Barack Obama ...
English: United States President Barack Obama signs into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 as Vice President Joe Biden looks on. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Among the myriad of leftist entities who directly suckled from the 2009 Obama crony Stimulus teat program was leftist and racist “reconquista” organization “La Raza.”


What shovel ready “jobs” these anti American Democrat entities across America such as La Raza provided is an “utter” mystery. What is NOT a mystery is who these leftist entities are that pocketed current profits off your future debts.


Stimulus Payoffs - La Raza DC





Below is the link to the federal government’s own “Recipient Project” site where you can search your own area for your friendly neighborhood leftist Stimulus profiteers.




Rising conservative star you may not have heard of yet

His name is James Lankford and he is the Congressman for Oklahoma’s district 5. Elected during the Republican wave of 2010 Lankford is quickly showing himself to be stalwart of conservative leadership.

A graduate of both the University of Texas, (BS Secondary Education), and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Masters in Divinity, Lankford directed a youth camp for over a decade before running for Congress. Along with several Oklahoma based organizations, Lankford is also a member of the National Rifle Association and Heritage Foundation respectably. Despite his limited background in what many consider “bonifides,” (though teaching youth self control and responsibility arguably trumps organizing a community to demand more milk from the government teet,) and having to overcome a runoff for the Republican nomination, Representative Lankford went on to nearly double up on his Democrat opponent in the general election.

Since then Rep Lankford has been assigned to numerous committees including  Budget, Oversight and Reform (view oversight hearing here), and Transportation and Infrastructure.

Though Mr. Lankford is new to both politics and Congress, Project Vote Smart has fleshed out Lankford’s position on most issues of concern to conservatives and so far his positions have been not only quite conservative but also well articulated.

After gaining his sea legs on the stormy waters of the Potomac, Rep. Lankford has begun exercising his gift for speech on such issues as the latest Obismal budget, defense of marriage, contraception, the actions of the Federal Reserve, etc.


Project Vote Smart




Those who know me know I’m an unabashed supporter (not to be confused with “follower”) of the great, but yes imperfect Congressman, Tom McClintock. Until the Tea Party becomes aware of men, and women, like this I question the commitment to Constitution the Tea Party claims to hold.

Congressman Tom McClintock Receives "Defender of Economic Freedom" Award
By admin on March 1, 2012

The Club for Growth, the nation’s leading free-market advocacy organization, announced that from California, three members of the 53 person delegation had received their coveted Defender of Economic Freedom Award – Reps. Tom McClintock, Ed Royce and John Campbell. The award honors Members of Congress who have a strong, consistent voting record on economic growth issues. [Only] 11 U.S. Senators and 34 U.S. Congressmen received the award this year.

“The Club for Growth values Members of Congress who vote based on principle for pro-growth policies that will restore America. The people of the 4th Congressional district of California are lucky to have him fighting for them in Congress,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola.

Club for Growth publishes an annual scorecard….Read the rest here:

Lawmaker’s resolution condemns Iran for Christian pastor’s death sentence


Published February 17, 2012


  • Yusuf Naderkhani

    An undated photograph provided by the American Center for Law & Justice shows Youcef Nadarkhani, an Iranian pastor who faces execution for refusing to recant his Christian faith.

Lawmakers in Congress have joined the fight to save an Iranian Christian pastor who has been sentenced to death for refusing to renounce his faith.

A resolution sponsored by Rep. Joseph Pitts (R-PA) denounces Iran for its leaders’ ruling of apostasy against Youcef Nadarkhani and calls for his immediate release.

“Iran has become more isolated because of their drive for nuclear weapons, and the fundamentalist government has stepped up persecution of religious minorities to deflect criticism,” Pitts told “The persecuted are their own citizens whose only crime is practicing their faith.”

Nadarkhani was born to a Muslim family and admits that he was introduced to the teachings of Islam, but claims he never accepted the faith. The charge of apostasy, which in Iran carries the death penalty, is leveled at those who abandon their faith.

Pitts introduced the measure on Friday and so far has the support of seven other members. Nearly 90 members of Congress previously signed a letter supporting Nadarkhani.

Nadarkhani, who also held house church services in Iran, was facing execution after being convicted of apostasy in November of 2010, but appealed his conviction all the way up to the Iranian Supreme Court. That trial was held in the Gilan Provence last September, when he refused to renounce his Christianity. Nadarkhani has been detained for a total of 858 days.

“They now have to decide whether they will live up to their international obligations as a member of the United Nations and a signatory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” Pitts said.

The execution has been delayed amid international pressure on the Iranian regime. At one point Tehran claimed Nadarkhani’s real crime was being a threat to national security.

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