Good Thing Victim Was Only White So It Doesn’t Matter

Blacks beat white tourist in Baltimore – ghetto crowd laughs and steals his belongings

jesse-jacksonSo where is Obama? Where’s Eric Holder? Where’s Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? Oh that’s right. The victim beaten and stolen from was white, and the attackers and blacks in the crowd laughs then strips the white tourist naked and steals his personal property like his iPhone, car keys, watch and money. So move along, nothing to see here. This disgusting event happened in Baltimore on St. Patricks Day (March 17th) during the height of the race hustling lame stream media and progressive liberals over Trayvon Martin. It happened around the same time a teenage black fatally beat to death an 85 year old great great-great mother, and nearly fatally beat a 90 year WWII veteran to death in Oklahoma. The left wing wanted their race war, and they got it. Not like they care. Since the ‘victim’ is white, it’s not national news or anything like that.

Watch accompanying video here