Talon’s Point of the Day – April 17th, 2015 Relax, It’s Just Another Sin

As a follow up to yesterday’s point You Don’t Deserve Salvation…THANK GOD!!! I wanted to add the following:

Just as there has permeated the modern Church the view that Jesus died for you because you were worthy of him doing so, the secondary view that once Jesus died for you, and once you accepted him as your Savior, that there is no longer anything required of you in relationship to your salvation has also spread through the body like a virus. In other words “Jesus died for ALL your sins so relax and don’t sweat it. It’s just another sin.”

This view, in my humble opinion, is counter to the Word, and as Christ is the Word made flesh, this view is counter to Christ himself.

Let me be clear. Yes Jesus died for all our sins, past, present, future. No I don’t think that just because we falter that we have lost our salvation. However, to think that we can feel relaxed about our sin because the price has been paid is to risk making light of sin and when we cross that shallow Rubicon of seemingly warm gentle water we have entered a place where God does not reside.

While I could easily provide dozens upon dozens of verses to uphold this point I know I’m steering toward the turbulent waters of the “Once Saved Always Saved” debate that I’m hesitant to venture off into on this post. However I will add this which I’ve said in the past:

“Christ was not faithful, even faithful to a cross, so that we could live comfortably in our sin without consequence” – Talon


Talon’s Point of the Day is meant to be concise yet thought provoking. If you are impacted feel free to share the point with others, with or without citation.

Let Them Eat Cake – The Right of Discrimination

Earlier today Capitalist Pig portfolio manager and media personality Jonathan Hoenig took to twitter with the following:

Jonathan Hoenig discrimination tweet

While I’m no fan of discrimination or the false claims thereof (more on this in a moment) I cannot agree more with Hoenig. Though I cannot speak for Mr Hoenig this makes neither he or myself racist. In fact I’m pretty sure Mr Hoenig services customers of all colors and creeds as do I. What it does make us is two of the few who recognize that to protect liberty of all, we must protect liberty of those who will sometimes act on those views in ways we might personally disagree with. It’s not that discrimination is necessarily right or justifiable. It’s that the empowerment of government to prevent marketplace discrimination (not connected to direct survival) inevitably results in stripping someone of their personal liberties, and we are all “someone.” This empowerment of the agents of force to prevent actual (and now perceived) discrimination sounds good to the weak minded, but in reality it empowers those who feign lamentations of “discrimination” in order to enact control over the free will of those whose views they find offensive, thus turning government into a tool of discrimination against the free exercise of liberty itself.

Now let me clarify, there are in my opinion a few critical limitations, or better said “clarifications,” to this view. Our right to personal liberty ends when the act of engaging in our personal liberty brings actual harm to others. While I do not agree with how our federal government addressed the civil rights movement, there is no doubt in my mind that certain protections had to be provided to America’s blacks, at least in certain areas, so as to allow the simple right to life itself and liberty. In other words, the personal liberty of racists (whites in our example) to be racist is sacrosanct under our Constitution so long as the practice of their racism does not extend to the safety or basic survival of others (blacks in this case), through denying or impeding access to public safety services, hospitals, food, public schools, and other govt subsidized services (a discussion for another day). Beyond that the best solution should have been to allow market forces to eventually bring repercussion on racists who used their businesses to generally inconvenience blacks.

The consequence of empowering government to use strong arm tactics to “right a wrong” is now being seen in the metastasized cancer of “gay rights” intimidation tactics by what has been dubbed “Gaystapo” activists and their mindless lackies in the media, and elsewhere. The refusal to provide a non critical service for religious reasons has now conveniently been painted as racist by the Gaystapo because of the observations of “successful” past misuse of government force during the civil rights era. But where has freedom gone? Have we so devolved intellectually that the refusal to bake a sugar laden coma inducing confection is automatically assumed to be “hate?” And even if it could be proven as “hate” how is the person refused service actually harmed and worthy of government intervention on their behalf? Are there really anorexic homosexuals so in need of calories that they must use government force to assure their survival because only Christian operated bakeries, and now pizza restaurants, can provide the critical sustenance they need? Of course not. In our materialistic consumer driven society where the dollar is virtually worshiped there is simply no limits on where any of us can get a cake made, a hot pizza served, pictures taken, food catered, a dress made, or facilities rented, etc ad nauseam.

We’re not talking about denying emergency room services here. We’re not talking about denying fire department services, police services, publicly traded (more in a moment) businesses operated residential rentals, public utilities, and banking services, education, or food. I’ll grant there are gray areas consisting of clothing and transportation fuel, perhaps a few others, but even in these cases we are at a place in our society where the market will likely provide to anyone with the money to pay everything they want, let alone need, even in a small market. There is also the issue of business activities of publicly traded companies. These companies are arguably required to serve anyone regardless of the views of their controlling entities due to legal fiduciary responsibilities. Aside from this we all are better off protecting the rights of privately held businesses to make the likely poor business decision of “discrimination,” especially as they seek to compete with much larger publicly traded businesses who will be tapping the market of blacks, or in this case homosexuals. If these privately owned businesses make decisions the public at large deems unjustifiably prejudicial, the public will punish them by taking their dollars elsewhere and the business will either adjust, or accept it’s diminished market share, reserved only to those who agree with their publicized views.

So let them eat cake whomever they are. But let the market decide who puts the dough in their oven, including those who decide they don’t want the job.


Follow up: Mark my words supporters of ISIS and other Islamist terrorists living in the U.S. (they exist by the thousands) are watching how this plays out and soon will publicly force patriotic Americans to provide materials expressing this support.

Talon’s Point of the Day – Jan 11th 2015 “Slow Fade”

This morning the “wages of sin” that those of us who are followers of God often refer to have been weighing heavy on my heart. The giving in to temptation in seemingly victimless ways, beginning with things we allow ourselves to see and hear for “entertainment,” slowly create a drive for more that eventually cannot be satisfied with observing, but eventually lead to participation. Before we know it we have destroyed all that is good and stable in our lives and stripped those most innocent of the same. All for nothing of value.

I myself have been guilty of the “Slow Fade” and subsequent foolishness. The fact alone makes it that much more sorrowful when my words of warning go unheeded, knowing the destruction that not only awaits them but the profound grief and hardship that will be thrust on loved ones, myself included, but especially children.

I carry daily not only the scars of my own making but the daily pain of consequence for the choices of others who’s paths are leading them to dangerous places. Yet, even in this there is hope. If you, like me, have “walked through the valley of the shadow of death” because of your own choices please read my poem “Broke Shells.” If you are currently heading down this path of destruction be honest with yourself. You know you are risking everything, even eternity, on something the has ZERO potential for a positive return of your investment. Walk away from it while you have time.

Let this short video by Casting Crowns be your warning and your encouragement to turn from the thing you know God is speaking to your heart about

By the way, if the WordPress ad that may be displayed here is of lower moral standard than you would prefer to see remember 2 things please; 1) I have no control over these ads, and 2) those who chose them for placement likely are in a “slow fade” the permeates society in general.

Talon’s Point of the Day – Jan 9th, 2015 Just For Fun

Today’s “Point of the Day” is just my most recent (today) addition to my “Just for Fun” tab at the top. I thought I would also make it my “Point of the Day” as sometime the point is to find ways to enjoy the life God gives us, especially when we can turn it into a way of giving him glory. So with no further ado I give you:

Harmonica Bending with Luke Clebsch

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to bend a note on a harmonica but either never tried, or like me you kept trying and failing then go grab yourself a C-Harp (apparently easiest to learn on( and give this a watch.

And of course with a little practice…ok a LOT of practice, perhaps someday we can use our new skill to bring glory to God by doing something like this:

Why Jeb Bush Candidacy Is Great News For True Conservatism And A Stroke Of Luck For Republican Party

Jeb Bush pic

Now that Jeb Bush (God help us) has announced his pending candidacy for President let me explain how that is the best news for true conservatism in many years and a stroke of luck for the Republican Party I personally left years ago.

First one must consider the financial trend of our economy, and the world economy. Despite the govt tortured data used to fool the masses into accepting in blind faith the claim that we are in a recovery the reality is that we, and the world are continuing a spiral that all who dig deep for news already are aware of. The latest indicator was the news from the Sydney G20 summit that your insured bank accounts are no longer really insured any more (I’ll let you search if you haven’t heard). That in fact by the time you get your official turn in line to collect your bankruptcy funds you could receive as little as 1.2% of your deposits and that likely will be in a quickly devaluing currency. In other words, your bank saving will be utterly wiped out. Much more could be noted here including the diabolical consequences of quantitative easing with charts that mirror the Weimar Republic’s cataclysmic attempt to bolster their economy through accelerated currency printing, but if you already know, then you already know. If not, you better get digging.

So how does that play into the 2016 general election especially with regard to the 2016 presidential race? Like this: Economic time bombs, either intentionally or as a result of economic stupidity at high levels have been placed in our economy. The only question is when, not if, they will go off. My current expectation, for reasons I will not muddy this particular post with is that these economic time bombs will go off in the next presidency, which if you aren’t catching the hint means in my opinion they were placed intentionally as I have commented about on twitter for years. As such I’ve also repeatedly commented on how the Obama Administration would also intentionally undermine the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, which subsequently has been occurring in my opinion, both covertly and now overtly with comments like “Americans want that new car smell in 2016.”  It is even possible, though I’m not claiming it so, that the whole Benghazi fiasco was seized as on opportunity (never let a crisis go to waste) to hang an albatross (the modern negative connotation) on Hillary’s neck by introducing the ridiculous video claim (which by the way was clearly pre-canned for use) but again, I will not muddy the waters here.

So why would a Democrat President work to destroy a fellow Democrat and how does Jeb Bush help true Conservatives, and how is this a stroke of luck to a pathetic Republican party you still ask. Follow me here.

If you chose to accept the premise, even for a moment, that there are economic time bombs set to go off in our economy (whether you believe them to be intentional or just bad policy) and you chose to accept that Barrack Obama is undermining Hillary Clinton, then you must ask yourself how this plays out from a party leadership position. Remember, Barrack Obama IS the leader of the Democrat Party and his Obama For America, renamed to Organize For Action, is a clear indication of his intent to stay relevant considering his age when he leaves office. Now I’ll hold my cards close here on why I think Mr Obama would like a Republican in office during this pending extreme crisis but I will say that actions on his part that clearly hurt the Democrats leading into the 2014 elections make perfect sense from an intent standpoint in my opinion. You see, if you accept the premise that Obama wants a Republican in office during an expected severe economic crisis, even perhaps a collapse you should then recognize that it’s best to have the entire Congress in Republican control as well so the blame can easily be pinned solely on them by our leftist main stream media and believed by the ignorant masses. From there the cards play out perfectly. Note: Much blame can indeed be placed on Republicans due to their fecklessness, not their actions per se (because there isn’t much to point to).

So this brings us to Jeb Besh (shudder) and why this is good for true Conservatives and their much hated cousins the libertarians, including me, as well as a stroke of luck for the near useless Republican Party. Now if you’ve walked with me this far then lets walk some more shall we?

You see, if there are indeed economic time bombs set to go off in our economy, and if they are set to go off during the next presidency, then as I stated the party with the most power when it happens will suffer the weight of blame regardless of facts and be crippled for many years to come, perhaps permanently. Remember also that Obama has a history of relationships with radical leftists who have openly proclaimed their intent to completely change America and there is no question this requires radical action to expedite said changes if these radicals are to see it occur during their lifetime as many of them are elder to Obama and not getting any younger. As such, if a truly Conservative, liberty respecting person was to somehow win the next election, then short of an act of mercy from the Almighty, this presidency, and the party attached is doomed to failure and public disdain. Secondly, if Jeb Bush were to win the nomination, he would likely be such a weak candidate that he would lose conservatives, and libertarians, and he might even lose independents who will see so little difference between him and the Democrat nominee and simply chose to stay the Democrat course (that’s independents for you.) But, should he win, He and the Republicans will hold the bag when we discover it’s full of 8yrs of fermenting poo and a detonation device.

On the other hand, as a result of a failed Bush candidacy, the Republicans would be spared the shame of economic collapse during a GOP presidency. The political damage would shift left and they would live to fail us another day, though they would not come out unscathed, nor should they, and we conservative/libertarians would not bare majority blame as a minority voice. Plus, as we would still be a minority voice within the right side of the political spectrum when the blame is spread by the media, the reality is we will come out with the least political burns and new political leverage to either bring actual change within the Republican party or in a strengthened position to replace it all together as I have been calling for for several years now.

Footnote: If this scenario plays out as I expect, it is all the more reason to pursue a new conservative/libertarian party NOW! Why? While many say ”But look what happened with Ross Perot” I simply respond: We had a mildly frustrated electorate in 1992 compared to today, with no real options to bypass the main stream media,  and even then a quirky, almost goofy candidate was able to garner 19% of the vote. If a truly articulate conservative who respects libertarians were to define a road map for a return to personal liberty and American exceptionalism then he, or she, in my opinion would still lose the general election but build the foundation for a new conservative movement in America and remember, if you’ve read this far you’re at least entertaining the notion that the next presidency is destined to fail (save an act of God) so a loss with a strong showing is arguably a win.

As such, a well run campaign would greatly weaken the progressive powers now controlling the GOP (another discussion we’ll sidestep for today) which will actually save the GOP from itself or prove it’s time they go the way of the Whigs. Either way, this movement back to the Constitution and personal liberty will either fold back into the GOP in a position of leadership for the GOP’s political survival or kill the GOP off and replace it. All while the Democrat Party if it wins will be bearing the majority of the blame for the economic wasteland left behind from Obama and his fellow travelers when it hits the fan.

Should Christians Establish A New Christmas?

I have reached the place where I am thoroughly convinced that Christmas has been so polluted, so prostituted that Christians worldwide should look to establish a new day of worship, communion, and service as a witness to the world of a better way. A day not focused on stuff and alternative visual representations of Christmas that have nothing to do with the gift of Christ to the world.

I’m not saying Christians should reject being active with regard to December 25th but to collective step back from the consumerism and false messages of Christmas. Instead, giving our time to others during the Christmas holiday period so that when we’re asked what we are doing for Christmas we will say “giving my time to others, but I (we) chose to truly celebrate Christ’s birth on (t.b.d.) thus forcing the lost to rethink the meaning of Christmas itself and the Christ who loves them.

I think this alternate date chosen should be within 30-60 days of December 25th during some period that’s otherwise “major holiday free” and should have an alternative name so that the body of Christ recognizes it as their alternative and reminder of the reverence we should show for our Savior.

My thinking is this day of reverence should be named something like “Christian Christmas” or “Christ-birth Day.” Observance, as I mentioned should, in my opinion, for a number of reasons, be within 30-60 days, before or after December 25th. While there are arguments that his actually birth was sometime in the fall I find it unnecessary to pick a date based on this issue, but rather a day that takes advantage of December 25th itself to look towards this day of reverence as a tactical witness opportunity. As such I’m leaning to the view that a day following traditional Christmas would be best. I’m thinking that because there is a commonly referenced emotional “low” after the Christmas / New Year time frame that the “Christian Christmas” should possibly be in mid to late January when people are once again in the midst of this emotional lull.

After the busyness and gluttony of both Thanksgiving (another day we could discuss) and Christmas, with it’s ultimately unsatisfying materialism, the hangover of New Year’s Day, the “gut check” (pardon the pun) of failed resolutions, even the reality of Christmas credit card bills and growing tiring of winter, perhaps the weary soul of the lost is in more need of peace, and it’s Prince, in January than at any time of the year, and perhaps more open to the gospel of peace, and of course the real meaning of Christmas.

Well that is my simple thought on “Christmas” and where the Christian should relate to it. Perhaps in the future I’ll share my thoughts on the subjects of Easter, Thanksgiving, and even marriage in a similar vein.