Just For Fun – That’s how I “Roll”

Free Toilet Paper 3

As you know if you have perused my humble site, most of my posts have very serious tones of both temporal and eternal importance, mostly eternal the last couple years. But occasionally I like to post something random just for fun, or “JFF” if it’s added to the drop down menu above.

As my friends and family know I spend time on twitter, sometime too much time if I’m not careful, posting or interacting on the same two things, temporal (usually political) and eternal. On twitter I continue to post more on political themes as social media all too often devolves into conflict and I try to not have conflict with my brothers and sisters in Christ, especially in that setting.

Occasionally I’ll see something that’s just plain funny. Yesterday a young gal “followed” me as the term goes. Any time someone follows me I check out their recent posts, called a “timeline” or “TL” on twitter to determine if I will follow back. The reason for this (if you aren’t Twitter savvy) is that following someone will result in their posts showing up on your TL (or page if you will). So in the process of determining what kind of “tweets” (as they call it on Twitter) will show up on my TL if I follow this gal I came across a tweet she posted as follows:

Free Toilet Paper 1

Of course a tweet like this begged a response

Free Toilet Paper 2

Ok ok it was utterly silly of me but hey, that’s how I “roll.”