Talon’s Point of the Day – Feb 20th, 2014

Talon’s point today is based on a series of related tweets from earlier today as follows:

” I’ve said it before and will again. Obama is NOT the problem…he’s the symptom.”

“The ignorance of soft tyranny has lead to the awareness of hard tyranny.  The GOP has helped make this happen.”

…. and to someone who thinks the solution is to simply vote GOP as if GOP wins have advanced liberty rather than the reality it has also attacked it….

“Sometimes you are better off with the tyrant you recognize rather than the one you don’t recognize.”

For several years now I’ve said that Obama may turn out to be the best thing that has happened to America both spiritually and politically in several generations. How can I such an astounding thing? Because before Obama, our once great nation was not only sliding into the spiritual and social abyss, we were doing so in our sleep. The rise of this developing tyrant has awakened the portion of America that is capable of consciousness. The other portion is of course suffering from a government sugar induced coma and won’t awake until they are dying from their coming real physical hunger.

Obama’s acts have driven the Godly, and many of the once Godly, to their Bibles and their knees. It has been the fulcrum that has wedged them out of their actual, and metaphorical, recliners and motivated them to reestablish or strengthen the faith they will need to stand through the coming storm. It has even awakened some who never gave God much thought but deep inside they knew spiritually there is no hope outside of the the Creator they previously disregarded. This storm will almost assuredly include open persecution of Christians, and to a lessor extent non conformist non-Christians who reject all intrusive government,  not just anecdotal cases of persecution but full scale legalized persecution both sanctioned by, and engaged in by all levels of government. I pray this is not true. But every sign tells me otherwise. Let me quickly say here that I am not opposed to government. Our founders were right that it is a necessary evil that is best limited but nevertheless needed. Yet it is most capable of acting honorably when it acts minimally.

Secondarily, as I have already eluded to, it has awakened non-Christians at a political level. People from all walks of life, even some “liberals” who now justifiably fear they will soon lose all remaining social liberties in exchange for a system that takes virtually all they have and returns to them over priced and poorly provided “services.” Services that do not compete with what the free market is capable of. They recall images of empty Soviet market shelves and instinctively know we are walking the same path that led to mass economic deprivation.

Neither of these two awakenings, in my opinion, would have occurred under under John McCain because it was not occurring under George W. Bush. I’m not attacking these men. I am however confidently contending that their big government views intentionally, or unintentionally, have, or would have in the case of McCain, allowed the exponential growth of a government that displaces God with itself. I further contend that had Romney been elected, we likely as a people would have returned to believing this threat was generally over. As such we would have gone back to sleep as the assault on our spiritual heritage and personal liberty would continue unabated, just slower. Not because of Romney per se, but because the structure that allows the assault would only have been tweaked, rather than reformed.

A Dear Ann Letter

By “Talon’s Point” February 9th, 2012


“Dear Ann,

In the past you have been our warrior princess of conservatism. It’s what drew millions of us to fall in love with you so many years ago….ah young love…(sigh)….where was I? OH YES!  I must admit it has been mostly a long and blissful marriage dear Ann. Listening to your sweet sarcastic voice on the evening programs, cuddling in front of the fireplace with your latest book excoriating the ethically vacuous left, fighting the good fight together (you the Ann of Arc up there swinging your sword at all comers and us adulating grunts doing our best to let political blood in the trenches and buying your latest war bond for the cause.) I’m afraid however that we have hit a very rocky place and have somehow…how do I say this? We’ve well… “grown apart.” You see Ann, my stance for protecting the life of every unborn person is not contingent upon political winds. I’m not saying you no longer care Ann, but pragmatism is often the bane of honor.

Sadly, in your willingness to buy into the  push poll induced delirium that Mitt Romney can somehow inspire voters and defeat Obama, with nothing more than simultaneously appearing to be “moderate” to moderates and “conservative” to conservatives, you have now traded your own stellar pro-life credentials to falsify Mitt’s at the expense of your credibility. So now, dear Ann, due to this and recent “progressive” dalliances I must set you free to find your own happiness (wipes tear). In the spirit of Ronaldus Magnus “You left me Ann, I didn’t leave you.” It sure was great while it lasted.” – John Q Republic

                       Ann Coulter against Romney…..Before she was for him

Humor aside, Ann no doubt shares the legitimate concern of many over the threat Obama is to individual liberty, and has every right to calculate whom she believes is the best candidate to stem the Alinsky tide (despite Romney’s record). I respect that of course. However, by having this sordid love affair with the so called “pro-life” aspect of Mitt Romney’s Campaign, by way of her ideological tryst with her fellow snark (said endearingly) Chris Christie, she is subjugating the principle of protecting the unborn to a tactical political expediency with nothing more than the “hope” it turns out well. This became rather apparent when Coulter sought to assuage her fears by saying to Romney, point blank, Quote:

“You owe me and you better be as right-wing a president as I’m telling everybody you’re going to be.” – Ann Coulter

Note: Romney’s response was apparently as tepid as Coulter’s confidence since she was unable to remember, or was unwilling to share the content of his response “or words to that effect.”

Now one may think that I’m judging Romney on his positions prior to his “Road to Damascus” experience. Not so. His utterly abysmal record prior to a meeting November 2004, with a Harvard stem cell Researcher, which he later referred to as the moment of his  epiphany, is well known of course. Yet his post epiphany actions (speaking louder than his words) are erratic at best.

Post Nov 04′ it is clear Romney began pivoting to the right from his staunch pro-abortion position. This cannot be denied. Was it evidence of an awakening? or preparations for 08′? To sensibly judge if he is truly pro-life one must judge him for his known actions (not just his words) from the moment of his claimed conversion. While “progressively” speaking pro-life words from November 04′ forward as Governor and vetoing an embryonic stem cell research bill (worthy of note,) he never-the-less vacillated.  While Mitt did veto the Mengelean-like science known as human cloning he simultaneously praised efforts in Congress to publicly fund embryonic stem cell research and was an investor in such research, Quote:

“The United States House of Representatives voted for a bill that was identical to what I proposed,” “They voted to provide for surplus embryos from in vitro fertilization processes to be used for research and experimentation. That’s what I have said I support. That’s what they have just supported.”-Mitt Romeny May, 2005

Furthermore, Mitt’s signature health care program known lovingly as “RomneyCare” began mandating policies violating the pro-life stance of the Catholic and Protestant Churches in violation of their freedom of religion. (This Obamanation sounds oddly familiar.)

Now that ObamaCare has been packed down our throats in a “package” eerily similar to RomneyCare (despite the denials,) the best response Mitt could muster when Rick Santorum eloquently pinned him on the matter was to say, Quote:

“First of all, it’s not worth getting angry about,” and “Everyone has a requirement to either buy insurance or pay the state for the cost of providing them free care.” – Mitt Romney (Conservative)

Huh? It’s “not worth getting angry over?” “pay the state for “free” health care?” Really Mitt? Really Ann?

The dull pencils in big government rewrite the Constitution, tell churches their rights are subject to the Feds or the States and the most profound thing your candidate of choice can say on the matter is that it’s not worth getting angry over? And defend it by admitting residents are forced to pay a fine for their “free” care. No wonder Romney insider Norm Coleman let Mitt’s cat out of the bag when he let it slip that ObamaCare would not actually be fully repealed. Why would it be?

Now if you still think Romney will be an ardently pro-life President (in more than just words), then consider these two little facts that have either been excused away by Ann, or slipped past her all together:

While other Republican candidates have signed the Susan B. Anthony list pro life pledge Mitt refused to sign the pledge. In fact only Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have something in common in this regard, and considering Obama’s “demonic” passion for the abortion industry, the willingness of Romney to share in this snub is not comforting. Also, despite Mitt’s pro-life rhetoric, he seems to be specifically avoiding pro life rallies.

Note to Ann, Mitt, and anyone else (Ron Paul) that think this is a state’s right issue; Just because the Constitution does not exclusively grant a power to the federal government DOES NOT mean it is exclusively grants it to the state. Go dust off your copy and ponder the simple words “or to the people.” That phrase, or may I suggest “fraise,” was a reminder that certain rights were granted solely to the individual and government usurpation by the states was no less unconscionable and tyrannous to our founders than by the federal government, or a King. Furthermore, lest you dismissively hint that the Constitution does not mention health care, said individual rights of self determination are not to be enumerated as they would thus limit future rights of the individual to that of the determination of the government.

“P.S. Ann. This man you left me for has shown a propensity for walking through society’s difficult political issues with two left feet, ever unsure of his next appropriate step. This is indicative of someone who is not absolutely sure of his own beliefs. I fear by November one of those feet will be permanently inserted in his mouth and the other in yours. Until then we only have his record and of course his words. His actions continue to hint at a lack of commitment to protecting life, leaving his words to appear instead as nothing more than sweet nothings.” – John Q

UPDATE: 2 days after Rick Santorum announced (April 10th, 2012) he would suspend his campaign for the Presidency, both the Susan B. Anthony and National Right to Life Foundation endorsed Mitt Romney. The reader can determine for themselves why this was so.


UPDATE November 2012: While my original intent was to address Romney’s overall lack of conservative credentials and the political risk of picking him I believe I conveyed it despite my primary focus on Abortion. I believe the lack of conservative turnout has proven me right, sadly, and as such it’s time to fit Ann Coulter’s mouth for that shoe.