Talon’s Point of the Day: June 29th, 2018 “Pepper”

Today I say goodbye to some “one” who has been a faithful friend and comforter during some of the darkest periods of my life. The “one” isn’t a person though she was more human than most humans I’ve ever known. She’s my beloved dog “Pepper.”

She entered my life when I was at a rescue center trying to make arrangements for another dog. I had already tried to adopt a boxer that turned out to be dying from distemper. After doing everything possible, even the absurd, to try to keep Nugget alive I was forced to bring her back to be euthanized. It was then that a homeless woman arrived and begged me to take her dog so she wouldn’t have to give her to a place that couldn’t promise they wouldn’t put her down if they couldn’t find a home for her. Watching the despair in the eyes of a woman who was already suffering great hardship I could not turn her pleas away. Pepper was certainly not my choice, but she was God’s and I thank Him for knowing better than I what I would need.

Of course I share many of the same wonderful memories other pet parents do, playing in the yard, days at the beach, watching as she patiently let the babies tug on her ears and tail, or stand on her while she tried to lay in peace and take a nap. One of the great memories will always be the simple routine of coming home after a long day, walking in the door, and being met by a ball of fluff, tail spinning at high speed, excited that I’ve finally come home (in stead of wagging her tail back and forth she would spin it in circles.)

Later, during a period when God, in his mercy, was allowing everything, and I do mean everything, to be stripped away to allow me to see how completely I need Him, she was the one thing He allowed to remain in my immediate life, for awhile. Then, eventually even she would leave me. But through the deep generosity of my Dad and his wife, who would later take Pepper in when I could no longer give her a home, I was blessed to at least keep her from the same fate that the homeless woman feared years before.

I watched over time as she bonded to my dad as her “dad” but nevertheless she would always show me that she was my girl, sometimes heartbreakingly, like when I went to leave and she would try to get out the door to go with me, or just sit there and look at me with those sad, disappointed eyes.

Only God and I know how her love for me, even when I could do little for her, kept me from falling into utter despair. How she would sense my grief and stay close until my spirits would improve, even trying to lick my tears away at times.

Pepper, you were more faithful and compassionate than most humans I’ve ever met, including myself, showing the love that us fallen humans are rarely capable of. Though I cannot prove it, I believe some day when I reach eternity, part of what will make heaven just that, will be a fluffy black lab, tail spinning in circles, excited that I’ve finally come home.

It’s Just A Dog

As I prepare to put down one of the sweetest, most loyal beings down tomorrow I came across these words about the beauty of the love and life of a dog, and you’re right, it’s not “just a dog”


I often hear people say those words; it’s just a dog. I can’t help but feel sorry for them.

They will never know the unconditional love a dog brings into your life. They will never understand that bond between you and your dog, that unspoken agreement, to love and protect each other with your entire being without question.

They will never understand that loyalty a dog teaches. The type of loyalty that says no matter how you are to me, I love you and will prove my love to you to my dying breath.

They will never understand unbridled joy. That simple joy a dog teaches us from things like a stick or bone or tummy scratch or praise.

They will never understand the warmth and comfort of that dog laying by your side when the world has walked out on you or given you reason to question it.


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Mother’s Day Gold 2018

This last Sunday, Mother’s Day, we took some friends, including some moms, up to our placer drift mine in search of a little gold. The following video is just some clips pieced together but I thought I’d go ahead and post it here.

For those of you who have read my message to moms –>> Mother’s Day Gold, this little video might shed a little more light on the words chosen in that post. The mine you’ll enter used to be a river bed where the rocks were grinding together as they ran along the bedrock as the river raged. Anyway, I hope you enjoy a glimpse into the odd little world I call ‘having fun.’



Music Monday errr Tuesday – “Speechless” – Steven Curtis

I’ve probably posted this before but if I have I must post it again. There’s a line in this song that moves me to tears even to this day. It asks the very simple yet profound question “what kind of love could this be, that would trade heaven’s throne for a cross?” After all these years of walking with Christ I have yet to come up with an answer that satisfies this question for me. Instead, as I view my own sin through the lens of time, I see a love for me that is greater and deeper than I can possibly comprehend on this side of eternity. Please take the time to ask this question for yourself. As with me, it will probably leave you “speechless”

All the Little Things That Define Marriage – Part Two

No commentary necessary.


Back in the day, I was a budding writer. I was part of the inaugural group of the “Colorado Voices” in the Denver Post.

In August of 2001, on our anniversary as a matter of fact, my piece was published.

I’d meant it as a tribute to my husband, and it means even more to me today.

So, if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to share it with you now with an update.

All the Little Things That Define Marriage

A pat on the backside. A quick hug in the hallway.

The Morse codes of romance that you learn after you’ve survived the ritual mating dance.

Once you’ve spent the requisite time waiting for the other shoe to drop and then figuring out that it’s never going to, you settle into a comfort zone with your mate. Sure, the initial wild excitement and the giddy romance are nice, but they…

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