Talon’s Point of the Day – Nov 30th, 2013

“Tyranny in the era of democracy begins with an open hand, but ends with a closed fist…..enjoy your government programs.” – Talon


Talon’s Point of the Day – Nov 29th, 2013

“America’s inner cities are an indictment of the failure of the Socialist experiment including already existing government healthcare programs. The insistence on subjugating the rest of America (through political conquest despite Constitutional guarantees  of personal liberty), under programs of control, like gun control, etc, that have existed for years in places like Detroit and Chicago, speaks directly to the true intent of those offering to ‘fundamentally change’ us. That intent is “transparent” to those willing to see” –  Talon

Talon’s Point of the Day – Nov. 18th, 2013

“Aside from what will be much publicized anecdotal cases, designed to be trotted out come election time, the only thing about the “Affordable” Care Act, aka Obamacare, that will really become “healthier” will be federal bureaucracy.” – Talon

Talon’s Point – Aug 28th 2013

“Today is the annual day communists and other Democrat plantation pimps hijack the cameras to publicly prostitute the message of Dr. Martin Luther King, all while continuing to propagate slavery through dependency to the government master who owns them.

I’m sorry Dr. King, but your dream is dead, drowned in the sea of EBT cards, government phones, Obamacare, etc ” – Talon

Talon’s Point of the Day – June 28th 2013

“America is being “fundamentally transformed” from a melting pot to a boiling pot by those who hate America, manipulating those who fear the heat of liberty” – Talon

UPDATE: Immigration Message To My ILLustrious Obsenators 6/25/13

Yesterday,  June 24th, 2013 I posted a message I forwarded to my leftist Senator. Today I received a response. Needless to say their response required my own.

As a reminder let me begin with a repeat of my post as follows;

Immigration Message To My ILLustrious Obsenators

Posted on June 24, 2013

As I am on the email list of the great Senator Ted Cruz of Texas I received his message this morning about contacting my Senators, who I prefer to refer to as Obsenators because they both routinely support the obscene and unconstitutional. Here is what I sent them today. Somehow I’m not thinking it will help much.

“I know I’m wasting my time asking you to not support the new so called “Border Security” bill which is really an amnesty bill intended to create a permanent Democrat power structure but I’m willing to go on the record as asking. Sadly you will destroy our country to retain power for your like minded leftists.

That is all”

To which I received the following response today;

From: “(redacted)” <(redacted).senate.gov>
To: (redacted)
Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 2013 11:52 AM
Subject: U.S. Senator (redacted) responding to your message

Dear (redacted) :
Thank you for your letter sharing your concerns about immigration reform in the United States.  I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts on this important issue.
I believe comprehensive immigration reform is necessary to fix our broken immigration system.  Comprehensive reform will allow the federal government to create effective immigration policies that better reflect the short-term and long-term security and economic needs of our nation.
Comprehensive immigration reform should secure our national borders, toughen penalties against those who engage in fraud or misuse the immigration system, combat unauthorized employment, and protect American jobs.  Furthermore, reforms must provide our law enforcement officers with the resources needed to keep smugglers, narcotics, and weapons out of our country.  At the same time, reforms should be sensible and fair, meet the needs of families and workers, and offer a pathway to earned citizenship that requires undocumented immigrants to pay taxes and fines, pass background checks, and learn English.
In May, the Senate Judiciary Committee met several times to debate comprehensive immigration reform legislation, known as the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act” (S. 744), and vote on  more than 200 amendments, all of which can be viewed at http://www.judiciary.senate.gov.  On May 2 1 , I voted for final passage of the amended bill, which the committee passed by a vote of 13 to 5 for consideration by the full Senate.
Previously, the Judiciary Committee held hearings on April 19, 22, and 23, to hear from experts about how to improve the bill.  Please know that you can read witness testimony and watch webcasts of the hearings at the committee’s website.
This immigration bill provides a practical way for undocumented immigrants to earn citizenship that would be contingent upon securing our borders.  Specifically, the bill would allocate $4.5 billion for security and fencing measures deemed necessary to achieve and maintain persistent surveillance at the border and to reach the goal of apprehending or turning back over 90% of illegal border crossers in even the highest-risk sectors.  Undocumented immigrants would not be able to adjust to legal permanent resident status until these measures are in place.
Any path to citizenship would also be contingent upon addressing the problem of foreign nationals who overstay their visas and deterring future illegal immigration through the implementation of an effective and mandatory employment verification system.  The legislation would also ensure American workers are not displaced if employers hire foreign workers in situations where they cannot find Americans willing and able to do the job.
Again, it is helpful for me to know your views.  While we may have different perspectives on the issue of comprehensive immigration reform, rest assured that I appreciate hearing from you and will be mindful of your thoughts as the full Senate debates the bill.  I invite you to contact my Washington, D.C. office at (redacted) should you have any additional comments or questions.

Sincerely yours,(redacted)
United States Senator

To which I today responded, only to discover it was to a non returnable address;

The system is “broken,” as you acknowledge, but only because both parties, primarily yours, has propagated its breaking for political gain through expansion of dependent rolls as a permanent voting block without regard for the consequence of national security, individual liberty, or economic health of our nation. Everything else you wrote is counter to Democrat party actions making you either a liar or worse. If you truly believed what you wrote you would be at severe odds with your party and the rift would be national headlining news. The media silence however is sufficient evidence of the inaccuracy of your claim.

You are repeating the “we will secure the border” lie perpetrated on the American people back during the Reagan era and you know they will sadly accept it again.

May your shame for what you have done follow you eternally. May future “American” serfs remember you as the generation of Washington elitists who damned them to slavery.

Don’t you just love having a one sided debate with your “master?”

Want To Know What Local Leftists Profited From Obama Stimulus Funds?



English: United States President Barack Obama ...
English: United States President Barack Obama signs into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 as Vice President Joe Biden looks on. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Among the myriad of leftist entities who directly suckled from the 2009 Obama crony Stimulus teat program was leftist and racist “reconquista” organization “La Raza.”


What shovel ready “jobs” these anti American Democrat entities across America such as La Raza provided is an “utter” mystery. What is NOT a mystery is who these leftist entities are that pocketed current profits off your future debts.


Stimulus Payoffs - La Raza DC





Below is the link to the federal government’s own “Recipient Project” site where you can search your own area for your friendly neighborhood leftist Stimulus profiteers.