Call to Catholics – Vote Right!

I have an upcoming article that will address the issue of abortion and how those who call themselves Christians but fail the unborn with their vote are accountable. This Catholic video is a breath of fresh air in that regard as it reminds Catholics of their responsibility to future generations.

It’s Spring! The Idiots Are In Bloom!

Yes folks the ignorant nabobs of collectivism are in full bloom this spring, hoping like all collectivist rabbits to reproduce as fast as possible.

While decrying the wealth of the rich they foolishly work for the Ultra-Rich who are playing them for further liberal rule changes that will complete the communist takeover. Like the knuckle headed “Israeli Apartheid” protestors, they war against the very thing that provides opportunity.

So without further ado, if give you 99% ignorant children, in the blockbuster comedy “Are You In? The Cry Of Fools” in all their YouBoob Glory

Coming Soon: Occupy An Economics Class

Trump: Obama Has Deal With Saudis to Cut Oil Prices Before Election

You don’t become this successful in business without being able to look several steps ahead.

I recall seeing an Obama surrogate recently say (with a smirk) that prices would not be staying so high. I knew at the time he was hinting he knew something was up. This is likely is. If anyone else saw that surrogate (can’t recall who it was) and can let me know I’d appreciate it.

By Dan Weil, NewsMax Friday, 06 Apr 2012 12:45 PM

After the election, the oil market is going to be a mess, Trump says.

“If he [Obama] wins, oil and gasoline shoot through the roof like never before. Let’s hope he doesn’t win. I believe a deal was made. It’s a sinister deal, but let’s see whether or not I was right.”

Trump also criticizes Obama for producing four years of $1 trillion budget deficits. “He should be ashamed of himself,” Trump says.

Some experts say gasoline prices will rise further before the election.

“Gasoline inventory is still going down, and that’s the important thing for the American consumer,” Carl Larry, president of Oil Outlooks and Opinions, tells “Gasoline is not going to get cheaper.”

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