Point of the Day – 9/12/2018 “Untied States of Hedonism”

First off, while still kept concise, this piece will not be one of my 1 or 2 sentence pieces.

Secondly no, it was not a typo. I used the word “untied” rather than “united” for a reason, for as we continue down this hedonistic path we are slowly fracturing as a union of people into lonely, isolated, addicted slaves.

Thirdly, if you read this superficially you might assume there is a conflict with my individualistic, libertarian view. Think deeper if you do.

If you turn on your tv and observe rather than mindlessly watch, you will look through a window into America’s soul.  What will you see? To some degree you’ll see into your own soul based on what you chose to watch.  That alone is worthy of contemplation for each of us.  Step back just a bit, look at the cross-section of what is offered for viewing and what do you see?  I contend you will be staring into the opioid addicted face of hedonism, segmented into palatable bites by short periods of marketed hedonism referred to as ‘commercials’ filled with pretty people selling shiny cars and indoctrinating images of current fashion.  Step outside and into what we like to refer to as “the real world” and you can watch people chasing the drug they were sold on tv (not including the actual drugs now being constantly sold on tv.)

While we each should be grateful to live in a country that still generally lets us pursue our own sense of happiness (after taxes, licenses, and other govt fees of course), we have allowed ourselves to be sold into a united slavery of perception, which is simultaneously untethering us from what is mutually important in our lives, whether we grasp the importance or not. While I could venture off into a multi-paragraph diatribe of what I personally mean by the phrase “united slavery of perception”, I’ll leave it to the reader to make of it what they will. The lucid reader will at least grasp the general overtone and the mutually concerned, if not introspective, will be able to readily offer additional examples to what I intentionally limited in the previous paragraph.

On this day after 9/11 may we each ponder what is truly important, recognize the drug each of us likely have been ingesting, and determine to once again be free.

Talon’s Point of the Day is meant to be concise yet thought provoking. If you are impacted feel free to share the point with others, with or without citation.

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