It’s Just A Dog

As I prepare to put down one of the sweetest, most loyal beings down tomorrow I came across these words about the beauty of the love and life of a dog, and you’re right, it’s not “just a dog”


I often hear people say those words; it’s just a dog. I can’t help but feel sorry for them.

They will never know the unconditional love a dog brings into your life. They will never understand that bond between you and your dog, that unspoken agreement, to love and protect each other with your entire being without question.

They will never understand that loyalty a dog teaches. The type of loyalty that says no matter how you are to me, I love you and will prove my love to you to my dying breath.

They will never understand unbridled joy. That simple joy a dog teaches us from things like a stick or bone or tummy scratch or praise.

They will never understand the warmth and comfort of that dog laying by your side when the world has walked out on you or given you reason to question it.


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