Talon’s Point of the Day – June 17th, 2016 Who’s Really Leading Our Hearts?

Waiting on God to tell us everything we should and should not me doing is NOT being “lead by the Spirit” nor is it “spiritual maturity.” While there are things we wait on His leading over we don’t need to wait to be told to do the things we know we should be doing let alone waiting to be told to stop doing that which we know is wrong.

Just when I think I’m getting this concept down I find myself guilty of violating this simple truth. I guess I’m still a work in progress, hopefully with an emphasis on progress. How about you? Who’s really leading our hearts?

Talon’s Point of the Day is meant to be concise yet thought provoking. If you are impacted feel free to share the point with others, with or without citation.


Toss in your "two cents" if you care to. Fair warning, you might get change ;-)

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