Talon’s Point of the Day – May 4, 2015 It’s Not Relevant To Be Relevant

When you read the following, and hopefully watch the Jim Caviezal interview, please note that I wasn’t looking for the video. I was pausing during the creation of this post sensing I needed to make a change to its wording. As I waited I was actually looking at random ‘tweets’ on twitter and saw this link and saved it for later viewing. After I returned to the construct of this post, and adjusted the wording as I needed, I again paused before posting. During that pause I decided to watch the Caviezal interview. When you watch it with this post in mind I believe you will hear God’s voice speaking to you:

I’ve said it before and, no doubt, will say it again;

When we subjugate God’s immutable demand to walk in His holiness to our mutable perception of a ‘necessity’ to be socially relevant ( a moving and spiraling target) we make our ‘relevance’ unholy, and therefore rejected.

I’m not saying social relevance is itself inappropriate and sinful. Yet the contemporary focus and assertion that social relevance is the Holy Spirit’s means to impact society with the gospel is inconsistent with scripture itself.

We are first, foremost, and I would contest, exclusively, called to seek God’s kingdom and walk in obedience. Where that obedience intersects opportunity we will accomplish God’s purpose for us in society, and we’ll know His approval, whether or not our message is received or rejected. When we seek to tune our message and Christian walk to intentionally be “relevant’ then our walk is not being guided by His Spirit, but instead its being guided by our perception of this world’s expectations and therefore subject to influence by the god of this world.  All too often we make the mistake of judging whether we are doing His will based on visible “results.” This is the open door to this world’s god to play us. Again, like the prophets of old, like John the Baptist, like the Apostles and Christ himself, our call is set aside our will and walk where we would not do so of ourselves and leave the results to eternity, and its God, our God.

3:00 Caviezal begins telling of script and preparation, 8:00 Production begins, 10:00 accidents happen on set, heart condition occurs, 18:00 Experience on the Cross, 21:00 Caviezal’s challenge to each of us “Don’t do a song and dance for non believers”, 23:30 Being a little Pagan, 26:00 You weren’t made to fit in

Talon’s Point of the Day is meant to be concise yet thought provoking. If you are impacted feel free to share the point with others, with or without citation.


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