Talon’s Point of the Day – March 10th, 2015 Be A Hero

Early this morning I was pondering with some melancholy how my children have grown to the age where they don’t view me as the hero they once did. If you’re a parent of older children or now adults you know what I mean. Not that they don’t still appreciate, or even admire us, but we simply aren’t seen with the eyes that prompt them to say “my dad this!”, or “my mom that!” with glee. Then it was time to head out for work and I put the thought aside and hit the road, my mind focused on the duties of the day.

When I arrived at work a person I occasionally work with mentioned her daughter, who was also working with us this day was outside with vehicle trouble. As I’m oft to do I offered to take a look and determined her problem was simply some loose and corroded battery connections. Breaking out some tools I made quick work of the problem and with an appreciative ‘thank you’ we all headed in to get to our tasks. Later that day this young lady and her mom mentioned that I was a hero for my help.

Now normally I would just thank someone for their kind words and not give it much thought, but I sensed God reminding me of my early morning private lamentation and how if we are willing to be a blessing to someone else in need that we can be a hero each and every day.

Despite me sharing this story with the young lady and her mother I’m pretty sure she has no idea just how much I appreciated her letting me be someone’s hero today, let alone that her words were God inspired.

May I be more like Christ each and every day, for He is my Hero.

Toss in your "two cents" if you care to. Fair warning, you might get change ;-)

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