Talon’s Point of the Day – Jan 11th 2015 “Slow Fade”

This morning the “wages of sin” that those of us who are followers of God often refer to have been weighing heavy on my heart. The giving in to temptation in seemingly victimless ways, beginning with things we allow ourselves to see and hear for “entertainment,” slowly create a drive for more that eventually cannot be satisfied with observing, but eventually lead to participation. Before we know it we have destroyed all that is good and stable in our lives and stripped those most innocent of the same. All for nothing of value.

I myself have been guilty of the “Slow Fade” and subsequent foolishness. The fact alone makes it that much more sorrowful when my words of warning go unheeded, knowing the destruction that not only awaits them but the profound grief and hardship that will be thrust on loved ones, myself included, but especially children.

I carry daily not only the scars of my own making but the daily pain of consequence for the choices of others who’s paths are leading them to dangerous places. Yet, even in this there is hope. If you, like me, have “walked through the valley of the shadow of death” because of your own choices please read my poem “Broke Shells.” If you are currently heading down this path of destruction be honest with yourself. You know you are risking everything, even eternity, on something the has ZERO potential for a positive return of your investment. Walk away from it while you have time.

Let this short video by Casting Crowns be your warning and your encouragement to turn from the thing you know God is speaking to your heart about

By the way, if the WordPress ad that may be displayed here is of lower moral standard than you would prefer to see remember 2 things please; 1) I have no control over these ads, and 2) those who chose them for placement likely are in a “slow fade” the permeates society in general.

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