Comfort From The Comforted

If God perfected his only begotten Son through suffering (Hebrews2:10) how much more so do we, his adopted, qualify for the perfecting born of suffering?

Learning the Way of Wisdom


For 16 years, my wife has been affected dramatically by a chronic illness. When she was diagnosed, she was told that she would be unable to complete college and could rule out any possibility of a real career in her future. Since that time, God has given her grace to complete her studies, work as an outstanding teacher, marry a great guy (if I do say so myself), enjoy motherhood, and endure many surgeries and daily pain all while being faithful to God and her ministry opportunities. She is an amazing lady, no doubt, yet she will tell you that her source of strength and comfort is the Lord Jesus Christ (Philippians 1:20-21).

Over the years, one peculiar thing really stands out to me. Since her diagnosis, she has met so many people with major medical problems that I’ve lost count. At first glance, it may seem like…

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