Talon’s Point of the Day – Jan 26th, 2014

Chuckie Schumer calls for return of Sedtion Act

“NY Senator Charles “Chuckie” Schumer would have you ignorantly believe that speaking out against government is an act of sedition and in need of being beaten into submission by blunt IRS force as Schumer calls for the IRS to increase their assault on Tea Party organizations.

The reality of sedition is however just the opposite of Chuckie’s delusion. The right to gather with like minded Americans and speak out against our government is sacrosanct in our Constitution with few exceptions. In fact Thomas Jefferson went so far as to proffer the option of the people to outright dissolve this government and start over. How could we possibly do so if we aren’t free to unite, financially, publicly, and otherwise, to communicate our dissatisfaction with government?

Senator Chuckie has in essence called for a return of the Sedition Act through bureaucratic fiat. I would contend the actual act of sedition is often when politicians call for the destruction of constitutional rights of individuals to speak to the government corruption those same politicians benefit from, thereby altering the original design of our government and negating the validity of the Constitution itself. Schumer should be held accountable for his war on the Constitution through his attacks against citizens who exercise their rights, including being punished accordingly, not that he actually will.” – Talon

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