Obamacare Now Has An Official Theme Song, Talon’s Point – Dec 3rd, 2013

“Now that some Democrats are admitting Obama lied but willing to make excuses for said lies, it has become time to establish an official Obamacare theme song. On that “note”, and since he will be stuck with the bill as a young person, I give you “Lie To Me” by the talented young Jonny Lang.” – Talon


Talon’s Point – Dec 2nd, 2013

“On a social note, the responsibility for the phenomenon of grown men wearing their pants strapped around their thighs, while holding them up by hanging on to the front of their belt, lies squarely at the feet of the women who refuse to ostracize these knuckleheads that insist on looking and acting like fools. Men desire the approval of women. You hold power ladies…USE IT!”