A belated, on my reblogging part, reminder of the place Thanksgiving has in our history. A history that has been scrubbed of the source for giving thanks. Thanks Jessica for this great reminder.

All Along the Watchtower

In America today, it is Thanksgiving, and it has been a day set aside, pretty much since the very beginnings of America to give credit where due. And that has always been to God. It’s become a famous feast where we eat enough to sustain an active man for 3-4 days, in one meal and then retire to the living room and it’s TV with football on to sleep it off. It’s not exactly untrue, although it also hasn’t always been this way, even in this bountiful land.

Pvt. Joseph Plumb Martin wrote of his experience in the Continental Army, if we remember that army in the fall of 1777 had been defeated at Germantown, Paoli, and the Brandywine, and so the English occupied Philadelphia. The Continental Congress from its new hangout in York, Pennsylvania said that Americans should celebrate a day of “Solemn Thanksgiving and Praise” and PVT Martin has…

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