Islam ‘Loves’ Men *Ahem* and Hates Women- That Much is Clear.

Thx to disturbeddeputy at for making aware of this post by SLR. I’ve read of this but not seen images. 1000 words as they say.

Short Little Rebel

A friend sent me a link to Anne Barnhardt’s video series concerning the sexual perversions of Islam.  I had doubts and decided to research it myself.  Not only is she correct about everything she said, she was also correct about how easy it is to find on the internet.  To all but Americans, Islamic sex practices are out in the open.  And Muslims are PROUD of it.  Woman hatred is so profound in Islam that even sex with women (filthy, sinful creatures that we are) is to be frowned upon.   Men are completely cut off from us filthy ones and only allowed to be in each other’s company.   Therefore, homosexuality is rampant.   While some Muslim countries ‘officially’ frown on it, culturally it is accepted and promoted- by the very police that should be cracking down on it.  Powerful generals in their military even keep their ‘boys’ around…

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3 thoughts on “Islam ‘Loves’ Men *Ahem* and Hates Women- That Much is Clear.

  1. laura November 27, 2013 / 9:19 PM

    i have seen all her vids. to be honest, most of the extreme stuff is from small remote villages. they have so many children, believe me they know what to do. for a better understanding see, & read robert spencers work. this is still a very backward culture never the less, i wonder how many assimilate (the dumb ones). there are also so many muslims in universities, i cant imagine them following all of this.

    • laura November 27, 2013 / 9:25 PM

      the FGM is real, i wonder is huma had this done?

    • Talon's Point November 27, 2013 / 10:20 PM

      I certainly don’t agree with everything she has ever said on the subject, including generalizations of intelligence, but from what I’ve read and heard anecdotally I don’t believe it completely isolated as you infer.

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