Should Christians Be In The Business of Curing Gays?

Well structured blog post. Christians must continue to stand for truth in the face of coming persecution for adhering to that truth instead of being blown by the winds of spiritual rebellion

Short Little Rebel

I had not heard of the Exodus International program to ‘cure’ gays before this story.  I had heard of groups LIKE them before but never an entire church.  Apparently, the leaders of this church are shutting it down and have apologized to gays.  I read this story with mixed emotions.  Practicing homosexuality is a lifestyle.  A lifestyle that is abhorrent to God.  The problem with it isn’t the desire people may have for immoral sex- (this is within many heterosexuals as well)- it is the willful & arrogant disobedience of God’s law that so often accompanies it.  This LA Times article is highly biased and focuses on a woman whose son committed suicide supposedly because he went to the Exodus ‘gay cure’ ministry and because she and her husband told her son that he would need to remain celibate as a Christ follower.  Now she and her husband are…

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