Autopsy of Reason: The Keystone Pipeline Debacle – One Year Later

Liberal Pipeline

Now that the dust has mostly settled and the train wreck is complete let’s take a look at the death of the Keystone XL Pipeline project and the subsequent body count.

Obama blmes Reps for killing Keystone 1A year after President Obama killed the Keystone Pipeline project under the knowingly false premise of being “rushed” by Republicans to move before the facts were ready, the State Department released a draft Supplementary Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) providing little but confirmation of its previous SEIS, issued prior to the controversial pipeline skuttling as payoff to Mr. Obama’s radical environmentalist base.

Within that original SEIS draft, of which Mr. Obama and the State Dept were fully aware when falsely claiming they had not had sufficient time for review, was the following excepts, among others. Keep in mind these are all excepts from the previous SEIS available in 2011, prior to the political maneuvering.

Dept of State site A10 EIS statmentDept of State Keystone A1b Cumulative Impact Report Summary of Findings

Notice that it had already been reviewed for 2.5 years (as you will see) and concluded to be as safe or safer than existing pipeline systems prior to false claims of insufficient time for review.

In fact, notice here the use of the term “Conclusions”

Dept of State Keystone A4a Executive Summary

And when were these conclusions made available to the Obama Administration? Not after the 2012 election. No, not even after President Obama claimed the Republican Party was forcing him to make a decision before he had the facts. No, President Obama had the conclusions in his hands at least 18 months before he made his false claim and sent the State Dept on a wild goose chase over an already answered water quality question as you can see by the date below.

Dept of State site A11b Notive of Public meetings

But who’s “conclusions was the Administration hiding?” Was the U.S. State Dept relying on its own opinion? Not at all. They were relying on numerous State and Federal entities normally held in high regard by the left, at least when the left thinks its water is being carried for them.

Dept of State Keystone A9 SDEIS

University of Nebraska, University of South Dakota, National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

and you guessed it…the Grand Daddy of them all,

EPA Reference

You read it right. The State Dept provided their conclusions in August 2010 based on affirmation from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Furthermore, the White House would have you falsely believe there was a lack of clear conclusions as to the benefit of building the pipeline. However the U.S. State Dept, after careful consideration of both environmental and economic impact said this,

Dept of State Keystone A4c FEIS Executive SummaryThis came as close as an agency will ever do at endorsing industrial activity short of Quid pro quo backroom power brokering deals involving over priced and less efficient taxpayer subsidized wind mills and solar panels.

The Administration would also falsely have you believe the existing area proposed for the Keystone Pipeline is pristine and untouched by any existing pipeline system. That could not be further from the truth.

Dept of State Keystone A3 Cumulative Impact Report

The following is an example of available maps depicting existing pipeline systems across the U.S. including over the Ogallala Aquifer.

Existing US PipelinesExisting US Pipelines2

Ogallala Aquifer

Not only is the proposed route not a threat to the Ogallala Aquifer, drinking water from it and other sources are not even crossed.

Dept of State Keystone A4b FEIS Executive Summary

In fact, when considering all interests involved, the report concluded that doing nothing was not even as preferable to building the pipeline.

Dept of State Keystone A4c FEIS Executive Summary

Furthermore, the report revealed that sufficient time was taken to consider many major alternative routes and that none were found preferable to that proposed by the TransCanada Corporation

Dept of State Keystone A5 FEIS Executive Summary Agency Pref Alternative

In fact 14 major route alternatives were considered as well as 100’s of minor alternative routes in consultation with other State and Federal agencies.

Dept of State Keystone A6a FEIS Executive Summary Major Route Alternatives

Dept of State Keystone A7a FEIS Executive Summary Route Variations

Considerations were even given to route adjustments deemed necessary from any construction discoveries impacting environmental concerns.

Dept of State Keystone A7b FEIS Executive Summary Route Variations

Dept of State Keystone A9 SDEIS

Now consider the following questions when reading the next excerpt from the Federal PHMSA:

  • Does the left not love Government environmental oversight of industry?
  • If the left does not accept conclusions of said Govt bureaucracies then why do bureaucracies exist?

Dept of State Keystone A8 FEIS Executive Summary

As you can see Trans Alaskan Pipeline 3 River Crossingthe Obama Administration knew full well that the impact of the Keystone XL Pipeline project would be no more wrought with environmental risks than other existing successful projects which utilize decades old environmental safety technology much inferior to today’s technology, projects such as the Trans Alaskan Pipeline, which faced far greater geologic and infrastructure challenges than that of proposed Keystone XL Pipeline.

And what of the figurative “body count?”

The independent Perryman Group study calculated permanent jobs directly and indirectly resulting from the pipeline would have ranged from 250,000 to 550,000 depending on the price of oil, which the study calculated prior to the Obama Administration’s war on energy, which could mean the 550k number would now be a lowball proposition.

Perryman Group Study Except

As you have read, the State Dept, utilizing Federal Government environmental experts as well as regional University experts, both groups the left loves and empowers, gave their stamp of approval prior to Obama’s decision to make North American energy production and transport his own personal political football. You can see that the expert conclusions were readily available to the Obama Administration so one must ask themselves “If the Entire Administration didn’t know the EPA approved the pipeline, then why don’t they read their own reports?

The answer of course lies in the myriad of failed “green energy” firms who’s “keystone” investors donated heavily to the Obama campaign in 2008 and were tapping huge, seemingly unending reserves in the form of unprecedented taxpayer guaranteed loans.


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