After the debacle of the banking collapse and while the Eurozone edges closer to the precipice of total meltdown, EU bosses have finally seen the light: “Europe must re-industrialize for the 21st Century.” So says European Commissioner Antonio Tajani. On Wednesday the EU Commissioner announces an initiative that will boldly “reverse the declining role of industry” on the continent.  This policy U-turn undoubtedly conflicts with stated environmental goals.  But more pointedly, this presents a great opportunity for political leaders take a new look at the disputed science at the heart of so much eco-friendliness.

Like a breath of fresh air Die Welt today, with it’s story ‘EU plans to re-industrialization of the continent’ (October 9, 2012), reveals that EU technocrats are gearing up to re-invent Europe’s once great manufacturing sector. Suddenly we are in the midst of a sea change in political thinking at the top of the EU.

EU Technocrats Declare: “Europe Must…

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