I could go into a diatribe of my view on liberty but I will save that for another day. Instead just a thought or two:

I haven’t been writing much here or elsewhere lately. Instead I have been engaged in debate on twitter for months on end. The liberty to express one’s view, including the challenge to defend those views can be invigorating, exhausting, and even educational. I have tirelessly battled the forces of social darkness and met, if you can call twitter “meeting,” lol, some wonderful people, including a few on the national conservative stage as well as others in the trenches, and a few who I think will be future conservative stars, especially in the new media, who have kept me encouraged to battle on. Which brings me to my thoughts…

I fully expect to battle the left on moral issues. I understand their animosity toward all things religious and moral. What challenges my patience are my fellow libertarians. It saddens me that so many do not recognize that liberty cannot exist without the restraint of God’s moral law. I specify “God’s” moral law even though ALL laws, as I often tell people, are the agreed to collective moral restraint of the people.

For one to think that we can disassociate from God’s law without suffering under the displacing weight of man’s law is fool hearty at best. The great John Adams said it so well when he penned these words,

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Which leads me to this final thought that I wish to leave with you…

“The nation that will not long tolerate the light restraint of God’s law will long endure the heavy restraint of man’s”  – Yours Truly

May God’s grace lead you into all truth.

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