On Independence Day: In the Shadow of Our Fathers

Below is something my Uncle Rex wrote for me a while back when I was in a low moment, verging on despair because so many of our fellow-Americans are still asleep and it seemed to me cannot be awoken. I have posted it before, but I think it is especially appropriate to post today, on Independence Day, when so many of us are wondering “what’s there to celebrate?” There is so much that has happened and is happening that is destroying everything that the Founding Generation fought, bled, died, and struggled for, that it can truly seem like a farce, a sick joke, to attend parades, watch fireworks, or do anything in celebration on our Independence Day, as John Adams called on us to do.

A reading of the Declaration of Independence today (which is something we should all do to…

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International Liberty

In a debate on CNBC, I point out that America is in fiscal trouble because of the reckless spending of the Bush-Obama years.

Amazingly, my opponent at first claimed that taxes have no impact on the economy, though he then modified his statement to acknowledge some effect.

I think the best part of the interview was when I explained that there are several policies that impact economic performance, but that it’s always better to have lower tax rates rather than higher tax rates.

The worst part of the interview is that I got frozen out of the final part of the discussion.

I would have liked to make two final points. First, that all of our long-run fiscal challenge is the result of built-in growth of government spending, and second, that balancing the budget is easily achievable in just 10 years if policy makers limit the…

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I can see both side of this conflict. All candidates should be fully vetted, including the sitting Lt. Gov

Ozarks Politics

Last night Dana Loesch had a complete meltdown on twitter, from using profanity to tweeting at me nearly 40+ times it was clear she was rattled- and for good reason- she got busted.  See Dana Loesch broke the hit-job spin story that “Lager’s Campaign was financed by Obamacare & stimulus” in her Big Government blog found here.  Before we go any further, Lager’s Lt. Gov campaign has not received a dime from Cerner, so why is the company even an issue? cough-Hit job..cough cough.

The Company, Cerner, has a private citizen (Neal Patterson) that works there who has donated to Lager but listen to audio file 1 below where Dana says “she is all for individual donations”.  Well apparently she is a hyporcrite and it is in fact her concern since she wrote a smear article based on Neal Patterson, private individual donor. She lied on her radio show…

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International Liberty

Earlier this year, I defended Mitt Romney and Bain Capital from the absurd accusation that they did something wrong by utilizing low-tax jurisdictions.

So-called tax havens, as I’ve explained on many occasions, play a valuable role in the world economy. Indeed, they should be emulated rather than persecuted.

In a follow-up post, I mocked ABC News for a ridiculous non-story as they tried to make Romney appear guilty for following good business practices.

The issue has become hot again, so I talked about Romney and tax havens with Jason Riley at the Wall Street Journal.

Since nobody has claimed that Romney violated U.S. tax law, this kerfuffle only exists because the left wants to create the impression that tax havens are bad and then tar the GOP’s presumptive nominee with guilt by association.

Brian Garst of the Center for Freedom and Prosperity nails the issue in his column…

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International Liberty

One of my very first blog posts was about the link between big government and big corruption.

For the rest of my life, I can now cite the Obamacare travesty as an example.

Here’s some of what Tim Carney wrote for the Washington Examiner.

Chief Justice John Roberts’ judicial sleight of hand, transforming Obamacare’s mandate into a tax, was a fittingly twisted save for a law of such grisly provenance. Born of tawdry liaisons between industry lobbyists and political hacks, passed through naked logrolling and legislative skullduggery, Obamacare wasn’t finalized until Thursday, when the chief justice, in effect, amended the bill so that it would become constitutional.

Tim recounts some of the sleaze and corruption that allowed Obamacare to move through Congress.

…within weeks of his inauguration, Obama started playing the game. An early Obamacare confab was held at the headquarters of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee —…

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Very Funny – The Wrong Diner

There are two pillars of our liberties the powers that be hope we will relinquish as noted by then candidate Barrack Hussein Obama made famous when he said “They cling to their guns and religion”

Our wise founders left us many quotes making it clear that we better not forget why the right to keep and bear arms was not just a right but a strong recommendation. In honor of this wisdom I give you two following quotes and a great humorous video.

“A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” – George Washington

“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” – Thomas Jefferson