Is An American Terrorist At It Again

The Brett Kimberlin Saga:

By Aaron Walker 
Follow this link to my BLOCKBUSTER STORY of how Brett Kimberlin, a convicted terrorist and perjurer, attempted to frame me for a crime. That sounds like an incredible claim, but I provide primary documents and video evidence proving that he did this. And if you are moved by this story to provide a little help to myself and other victims of Mr. Kimberlin’s intimidation, such as Robert Stacy McCain, you can donate here. And I thank everyone who has done so, and will do so.

Monday, June 25, 2012

An Important Victory For Freedom of Expression

First, dear readers, you should expect this post to change radically–or perhaps I will start a new post.  I just wanted to get this off my chest immediately.
I am free once again to do something very simple.  I am allowed to say the name Brett Kimberlin again.  The fact I was not allowed to do so, even in a post directed to the world at large and rather than any communication directed to Kimberlin himself, is a sign that things have gone horribly wrong in the Maryland legal system.  But more on that later.
Last Wednesday I sought an emergency stay of Judge Vaughey’s flagrantly unconstitutional prior restraint upon my speech.  And it was granted.  You can read it for yourself, here:
So it means I can talk to a general audience about Brett Kimberlin again, so long as I don’t threaten him or incite others to violence, threats or any other kind of lawlessness.

Which brings me to another point and this is important:

Read rest of article here:

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