Mother’s Day Gold

Happy Mother’s Day ladies.

I wrote and posted this elsewhere a couple years ago. Thought I’d share it with you here. God bless you all.

Mother’s Day Gold

As you wake to this Mother’s day in which we honor our mothers, some of you will find a card and some shiny trinket, symbolizing our affection for you. Others may awaken to something simpler, yet far more valuable, such as a handmade card from your young children (misspellings and all), a call from a grown child confirming their gratitude for your years of faithful service to your family, or the warm embrace and softly spoken words “Happy Mother’s Day” from the grateful heart of a loving husband. This is my little gift to all of you wonderful mothers and mothers to be this year;

The gold you may find in a little box this year has been shaped, cut and polished to make it more pleasing to the human eye. To make this possible it has first been mixed with other far less valuable metals to make it much harder and thereby less malleable. This is done to make it less likely to bend, or be scarred by dents or scratches.

Some of you already know I enjoy prospecting for gold. On occasion I have taken others with me who have never done so before. Inevitably their response is the same “that’s gold?” You see gold found in nature often looks quite different from that which comes from your local jewelry store. In fact, it may not even be recognizable as gold at all until the rock that holds it is crushed to release each small piece. If one is fortunate enough to find larger pieces still trapped in the host rock the beauty of original creation is magnificent. Extremely aggressive acids are used to dissolve the rock revealing wondrous detail and fragility.

Other times gold is found buried under tons of weathered rocks in rivers and creeks. When found in this manner it has had much of its created beauty stripped away. From the time it began its journey it has traveled its path often under great force, pushed along relentlessly in torrents driven by great storms. The fragile parts, the visible evidence of original design, have often been removed under the grind from the harder yet worthless stones. The unique features mostly pressed away under the pressure of heavy weight. Any shine that existed when it broke free has long been warn away by the sandy grit washing across its surface with each passing storm. Often the only unique characteristics that remain are scars from encounter with sharp rocks often broken from the same storms that have driven this piece of gold. Sometimes you can see a void now filled with grit and clay.

Instead of sending these pieces of gold off to smelters that will only turn them into more mundane creations, these treasures are occasionally put into the skilled hands of the master artisan. When he is done, what looked very plain is beautiful again. The purity given to it at creation has been restored through cleansing, its remaining uniqueness has been maximized, and it is now ready to be enjoyed by the one it is given to. To be displayed with great joy.

God bless all of our wonderful mothers this Mother’s Day. From beginning to completion you are the handy work of the Master.


Ephesians 2:10 (Paraphrased)

For you are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that you should walk in them.”

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