IDF Saves Life Of Palestinian Newborn

Palestinian woman arrives with her baby at an IDF post, IDF soldiers provide medical care. More Palestinians know to come to the post for assistance

Date: 23/04/2012, 8:36 PM     Author: IDF Website Recently, more Palestinians in the Binyamin region in Judea and Samaria have been turning to a local IDF post for emergency medical care. On Sunday night, a young Palestinian woman arrived at the post with her baby daughter. The 12-day-old infant was suffering from severe breathing difficulty. The IDF Home Front Command soldiers stationed at the post treated the baby, stabilized her and then called an emergency ambulance, evacuating her to a nearby hospital in Ramallah.

“The baby was suffering from severe breathing difficulty and was simultaneously vomiting,” explained the battalion doctor, Cpt. Dr. Michael Findler. “We provided her with initial medical care and succeeded in stabilizing her condition.”

Commanders from the Binyamin Regional Brigade explained that Palestinians in the region know to come to the post for assistance, the trend increasing over the past few months. “Every Palestinian in the region knows there is an IDF post permanently stationed here that will provide aid,” said Cpt. Dr. Findler. “Such incidents have become commonplace.”

Over the past two weeks, the battalion stationed at the post treated three similar cases of emergency medical care. “Last time one of our paramedics treated a Palestinian girl suffering from meningitis, and in another incident I treated a jaundice patient that arrived with a severe cerebral hemorrhage,” explained the battalion doctor. “In both cases the patients were evacuated for additional medical care at Israeli hospitals.”


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