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Ron Paul has made “End the Fed” a popular slogan, but some people worry that this is a radical untested idea. In part, this is because it is human nature to fear the unknown.

But there are plenty of examples of policy reforms that used to be considered radical but are now commonplace.

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  1. Al D. April 9, 2012 / 5:08 AM

    I disagree that the idea of ending the Federal Reserve Bank is untested. America existed for over 100 years without an unconstitutional central bank, and we had liberty. We have had a central bank for about 100 years, and America has been sliding deeper and deeper into tyranny the whole time. Before the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank, the American economy was relatively steady, without the unprecedented economic collapses that ensued almost immediately after the establishment of the Fed. We were told that we needed to Fed to smooth out the economy and up and down business cycles. Instead we got the banking crash of the 1920’s, the Great Depression of the 1930’s, deep and damaging periodic recessions, and devastating financial crises. That’s one hell of a flunk-out report card for the Fed!

    Ron Paul is right about this. We must renew our trust in our founding fathers and the Constitution that embodies their wisdom, a wisdom recieved from God. The Federal Reserve Act must be repealed and the Federal Reserve Bank abolished. All the people behind the Fed must be investigated and prosecuted for crimes against the American people, their assets must be reclaimed, and all of the money they have stolen from us must be restored to the U.S. treasury. We will have no hope of restoring our Constitutional Republic until we accomplish this essential step.

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