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Where are Jesse and Al? – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

There has been a racist attack.  Quick someone call Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  Wait, I don’t think they will be riding in on this one.

 From Fox Toledo:

 Saturday afternoon around 4:45 p.m., 78-year-old Dallas Watts was walking home from the gas station at the corner of Starr and White in East Toledo.

 He was confronted by six juveniles between the ages of 11 to 17, both white and black, and for the next three or four minutes was nearly beaten to death because of, as he says, the color of his skin.

 “This white man said, ‘Take him down!’ and the next thing I knew, I was sucker punched from the back,” Watts said.

 For the next four minutes, the group of juveniles punched and kicked Watts, until he nearly…

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