Herman Cain – Why were Democrats so desperate to pass ObamaCare?

It doesn’t appear the Obama Administration and their allies ever thought the constitutional challenges to ObamaCare would get this far. Surprise to Democrats! There is a third branch of government. It’s called the Supreme Court.

No one knows how the Court will rule, although it’s clear that Democrats have gone into panic mode because they weren’t prepared for the Supremes to actually take the constitutional issues seriously. They were also not prepared for Solicitor General Donald Verilli to be unable to pull a rabbit out of a hat and make the administration’s case look good.

Now the Democrats are as desperate to save ObamaCare as they were to pass it in the first place. And if you think back, you’ll recall that they were very desperate indeed – so desperate, you have to ask yourself why.

Remember, this is not a bunch that has generally shown a lot of political courage. Look at all the things they didn’t do in 2009 when they had the White House, the House and a 60-seat majority in the Senate. For all their talk about how the Bush tax cuts caused the deficit, they didn’t repeal them, because maybe they realized that doing so could have pushed the economy into an early depression.


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