“But..But.. Reagan’s Top Lawyer! Supports Ocare!!!”

Shorter Ezra Klein: “But..but.. Reagan’s Top Lawyer!”

Posted by in Blog on March 29, 2012 10:00 am /

Little Ezra Klein, the guy who once said people don’t care about the constitution because it’s like over a hundred years old, thinks he has found the rhetorical dagger to combat the fact that it seems very likely the Supreme Court will overturn the individual mandate. He’s joined by his fellow WashingtonPost hack, Greg Sargent.

You see, there’s this lawyer going around who says that the mandate is constitutional. His name is Charles Fried. Ezra Klein has suddenly become a huge fan. The reason Klein and Sargent are big fans is because this Fried guy was once the Solicitor General… under Ronald Reagan.

Their thinking goes like this: Conservatives love Reagan so they’d obviously think the mandate is constitutional if someone who worked under Reagan thinks it’s constitutional.

Stop laughing. I know it’s hilarious that they’re even trying this angle but they’re serious! Don’t make them feel bad.

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One thought on ““But..But.. Reagan’s Top Lawyer! Supports Ocare!!!”

  1. Al D. March 29, 2012 / 8:26 AM

    It is quite comical! What do they take us for? Obamacare goes against every principle of limited government that Reagan believed in. I couldn’t give a flip what one of his appointees thinks, especially if it conflicts with the principles that Reagan so eloquently articulated.

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