Wisdom From The Web

It’s been a bit since my last WFTB entry…sadly. I just haven’t seen anything that meets my definition, until today. This gem is in response to an article:


By John F. Di Leo – Trying to make sense of a senseless administration

The original thought being expressed in the article begins this way:

Perhaps there are two kinds of people:  gullible ones who listen to Barack H. Obama (D, Tupi, Brazil) and think his proposals make sense, and realistic ones who go into shock and outrage watching him misstate statistics on the television. Read rest of article here

Commenter Geoff Pace restated it beautifully:
Geoff Pace said…

There ARE two kinds of people, alright. But it is a lot simpler than your conjecture. One type of peoples want to be left alone, the other set refuses to honor your request. It’s THAT simple !

Well Said Geoff, well said.


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